Friday, February 20, 2009

Chinese nets, Fort Kochi - Feb 2009

Chinese fishing nets of Fort Kochi beach, Kerala at dusk.
FKN_086_www.keralapix.com_DSC0001 Photo ID: FKN_086

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wide views of Idukki reservoir and sanctuary, Kerala - Feb 2009

Extensive sceneries of Idukki dam reservoir and wildlife sanctuary.
IDKI_1218_www.keralapix.com_DSC0177_DSC0185 Photo ID: IDKI_1218

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Idukki sanctuary and lake, Kerala - Feb 2009

Stock images of Idukki (also spelled Idikki) dam reservoir and wildlife sanctuary from various standpoints.
IDKI_1186_www.keralapix.com_DSC0001 Photo ID: IDKI_1186

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Panoramic photos of Chimmony wildlife sanctuary - Feb 2009

Panoramic vistas of Chimmini wildlife sanctuary and Western Ghat pinnacles. Extending across an area of 85 Sq. kilometers, Chimony wildlife sanctuary provides an invigorating experience to nature lovers and bird watchers.
CHMY_032_www.keralapix.com_DSC0144_DSC0146Photo ID: CHMY_032

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary, Thrissur - Feb 2009

Stock pictures of Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary was founded in 1984 and situated about 87 kilometers northeast of Kochi city and 37 kilometers southeast of Trichur town in Kerala. You can reach Chimmony by taking a deviation from Amballoor junction on the NH 47 National highway, which is 25 kilometers away. An artificial lake has been formed by the construction of a dam across the Chimmony River. This lake has an area of 10 sq.kms and a depth of 20 mts. The lake encircled by Ghat Mountains, which accommodates the Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary, is a breathtaking spectacle.   
CHMY_013_www.keralapix.com_DSC0094 Photo ID: CHMY_013

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rubber Estates & countryside en route Chimmony wildlife sanctuary, Trichur - Feb 2009

Rubber plantations and rural area along the way to Chimmony dam and wildlife sanctuary located near Chalakudy in Trichur district of Kerala. The rubber plantation is one of the important economic crop  of Kerala mainly cultivated in the hilly regions and said to be the largest supplier of rubber in India.
CHMNY_004_www.keralapix.com_DSC0019_DSC0020 Photo ID: CHMY_004 - Panorama