Friday, May 30, 2008

Unbroken views of Munnar, Kerala

Extensive wide-angle representations of Munnar high ranges in Kerala.

MNR_175_munnar_kerala_DSC0025_DSC002 Stock Image No: MNR 175
MNR_176_munnar_kerala_DSC0030_DSC003Stock Image No: MNR 176
MNR_177_munnar_kerala_DSC0032_DSC003Stock Image No: MNR 177
MNR_178_munnar_kerala_DSC0040_DSC004Stock Image No: MNR 178
MNR_179_munnar_kerala_DSC0044_DSC004 Stock Image No: MNR 179
MNR_180_munnar_kerala_DSC0052_DSC006 Stock Image No: MNR 180
MNR_181_munnar_kerala_DSC0065_DSC006 Stock Image No: MNR 181

Monday, May 26, 2008

Chinese Net at Harbour, Vypin

Chinese fishnet at Harbour, Vypin island near Kochi.

FKN_066_fort_kochi_keralaStock Image No: FKN 066
FKN_067_fort_kochi_kerala Stock Image No: FKN 067

Old Buildings, Fort Cochin

Old buildings at Fort Kochi seen from Vypin island. The building on the left was owned by Aspinwall company for decades, they recently sold this to a hotel group and shifted their office to a place near Kalamassery. The building on the right of the picture is the Brunton Boatyard building leased from the state government by Casino Group and now function as a four star hotel. These properties are situated at the Harbor mouth overlooking shipping channel of Cochin Port.

FKN_065_fort_kochi_keralaStock Image No: FKN 065

Wide view of Goshree Bridge,Vypin

A fish eye lens view of The Goshree Bridge,Vypin which connects the islands of Vypeen, Mulavukadu and Vallarpadam to Ernakulam / Kochi city. Utilizing this bridge, you can easily reach places like Cherai beach, Kodugalloor...etc.

VPN_009_Vypin_kochi_kerala Stock Image No: VPN 009
VPN_010_Vypin_kochi_kerala Stock Image No: VPN 010

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Extreme Wide Views of Idukki Dam Reservoir

Panoramic views of Idukki Dam reservoir and the wildlife sanctuary within it.

Stock Image No: IDKI 1168
Stock Image No: IDKI 1169
IDKI_1170_idukki_kerala_DSC0043_DSC0Stock Image No: IDKI 1170
IDKI_1171_idukki_kerala_DSC0051_DSC0 Stock Image No: IDKI 1171
IDKI_1172_idukki_kerala_DSC0094_DSC0Stock Image No: IDKI 1172
IDKI_1173_idukki_kerala_DSC0120_DSC0 Stock Image No: IDKI 1173
IDKI_1174_idukki_kerala_DSC0149_DSC0 Stock Image No: IDKI 1174
IDKI_1175_idukki_kerala_DSC0171_DSC0 Stock Image No: IDKI 1175

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Butterflies of Paniyeli Poru, Kerala

Butterfly images I photographed at Paniyeli Poru forests

PPRU_1013_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 Stock Image No: PPRU 1013 PPRU_1014_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 Stock Image No: PPRU 1014
PPRU_1015_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00Stock Image No: PPRU 1015 PPRU_1016_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 Stock Image No: PPRU 1016
PPRU_1017_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 Stock Image No: PPRU 1017 PPRU_1018_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00Stock Image No: PPRU 1018
PPRU_1019_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 Stock Image No: PPRU 1019 PPRU_1020_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 Stock Image No: PPRU 1020
PPRU_1021_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC01 Stock Image No: PPRU 1021 PPRU_1022_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC01 Stock Image No: PPRU 1022
PPRU_1023_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC01 Stock Image No: PPRU 1023
A Caterpillar
PPRU_1024_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC01 Stock Image No: PPRU 1024
PPRU_1025_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC01 Stock Image No: PPRU 1025 PPRU_1026_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC01Stock Image No: PPRU 1026
Pink colored Dragonfly

Forest and waterfalls at Paniyeli Poru, Kerala

Jungle stream, Paniyeli Poru near Permbavoor, Ernakulam - It's like blending with nature while walking through these forests on the banks of river Periyar having small waterfalls inside them.

PPRU_1004_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00PPRU 1004 PPRU_1005_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 PPRU 1005 PPRU_1006_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 PPRU 1006
PPRU_1007_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00PPRU 1007 PPRU_1008_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 PPRU 1008 PPRU_1009_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00PPRU 1009
PPRU_1010_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 PPRU 1010
Bamboo bridge
PPRU_1011_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 PPRU 1011 PPRU_1012_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC01PPRU 1012
Teak forest

Stream flowing between rocks, Paniyeli Poru, Kerala.

Extreme Wide Views of Paniyeli Poru, Kerala

Tranquil Paniyeli Poru is a perfect one day getaway near Perumbavoor town in Ernakulam district and is 55 kilometers from Kochi. Paniyeli Poru can be assessed from Kochi - Munnar highway after Perumbavoor town by taking a right deviation from MGM school junction, Kuruppampady. Here the Periyar river flows through strata of rocks and forests which is a stupendous sight. This land is copious with large diversity of mangroves, trees, birds and butterflies. The water is clear and chilling even in this hot summer time. Tourists must be extra careful while stepping into this river having clusters of slippery rocks and undercurrents even though the water is only few feet deep.

PPRU_1001_poru_pano_kerala_99_100Stock Image No: PPRU 1001
PPRU_1002_poru_pano_kerala_89_90_91 Stock Image No: PPRU 1002
PPRU_1003_poru_pano_kerala_58_59Stock Image No: PPRU 1003

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nadukani Pavilion, Idukki

The Kerala State Electricity Board has constructed a two stored building having balconies on the edge of the mountain top under their new tourism venture called Hydel Tourism Project. From here tourists can watch safely the beauty of the nature, the Moolamattom Power station, Moolamattam town below and even the far away Thodupuzha town when the sky is clear. When I took these shots, it was totally misty. It is said, the water from the Idukki reservoir is brought through under ground tunnels to the turbines in this power station for generating electricity.

IDKI_1160_idukki_kerala_DSC0189IDKI 1160 IDKI_1161_idukki_kerala_DSC0190 IDKI 1161
IDKI_1162_idukki_kerala_DSC0205 IDKI 1162 IDKI_1163_idukki_kerala_DSC0212IDKI 1163
IDKI_1164_idukki_kerala_DSC0221 IDKI 1164 IDKI_1165_idukki_kerala_DSC0224 IDKI 1165
IDKI_1166_idukki_kerala_DSC0227 IDKI 1166 IDKI_1167_idukki_kerala_DSC0230 IDKI 1167