Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pulikali actors on the road after makeup-Part 2 - Sep 2008

About Thirteen teams each comprising about 60 participants representing different villages or "desoms" participated in the 2008 event held on September 15th at Swaraj round, Trichur which marked the end of Onam celebrations.Kerala Tourism and Thrissur Corporation jointly sponsored the event.
PKY_085_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0462Stock Image No: PKY 085
PKY_086_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0470 Stock Image No: PKY 086 PKY_087_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0495Stock Image No: PKY 087
PKY_088_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0497 Stock Image No: PKY 088 PKY_089_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0489Stock Image No: PKY 089

Crowded Trichur Town on Pulikali day - Sep 2008

Large crowd gathered to watch the Pulikali extravaganza at Swaraj Round, Trissur, Kerala. Thousands of people, including tourists from various parts of the country and abroad witnessed this spectacular event.
PKY_090_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0049 Stock Image No: PKY 090 PKY_091_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0050 Stock Image No: PKY 091
PKY_092_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0051Stock Image No: PKY 092 PKY_093_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0059Stock Image No: PKY 093

Pulikali (Tiger Play / Dance), Trissur, Kerala - Sep 2008

Pulikali / Kaduvakali is a folk art form performed during Onam festival season of Kerala. In Malayalam "Puli' means Tiger and "Kali" means Play. In Trichur town Pulikali competition is held every year during Onam festival.
PKY_094_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0105 Stock Image No: PKY 094
PKY_095_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0104Stock Image No: PKY 095 PKY_096_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0092Stock Image No: PKY 096
PKY_097_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0061 Stock Image No: PKY 097 PKY_098_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0067 Stock Image No: PKY 098
PKY_100_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0087 Stock Image No: PKY 100 PKY_101_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0090Stock Image No: PKY 101
PKY_099_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0076 Stock Image No: PKY 099 PKY_102_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0445Stock Image No: PKY 102

Pulikali actors on the road after makeup-Part 1 - Sep 2008

Pulikali actors coming out of their 'den' after finishing makeup and marching in groups before the start of competition.
PKY_080_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0475Stock Image No: PKY 080 PKY_081_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0461Stock Image No: PKY 081
PKY_082_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0018Stock Image No: PKY 082 PKY_083_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0002 Stock Image No: PKY 083
PKY_084_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0010 Stock Image No: PKY 084
As the Pulikali groups marches towards Swaraj Round through Poonkunnam over bridge, Trichur, a train passes below.

Individual 'Pulis' or Tigers-Part 1 - Sep 2008

Pulikali troupes from different suburbs of Trissur assemble to display their skills at Swaraj Round ( Ring road that circumscribing the Vadakkumnathan temple Thekkinkadu pooram ground in Trichur town, Kerala).
PKY_061_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0005 Stock Image No: PKY 061 PKY_062_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0022 Stock Image No: PKY 062
PKY_063_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0035 Stock Image No: PKY 063 PKY_064_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0040 Stock Image No: PKY 064
PKY_065_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0084 PKY 065 PKY_066_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0085PKY 066 PKY_067_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0411 PKY 067

Individual 'Pulis' or Tigers-Part 2 - Sep 2008

Pulikali is a type of mime form where participants dress up as tiger and dance to the harmony of traditional drums like 'chenda', 'udukku' and 'thakil'.
PKY_068_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0417 Stock Image No: PKY 068 PKY_069_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0446Stock Image No: PKY 069
PKY_070_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0474Stock Image No: PKY 070 PKY_071_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0483 Stock Image No: PKY 071
PKY_072_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0492 PKY 072 PKY_073_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0412 PKY 073 PKY_074_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0427 PKY 074

Full-length portraits of Pulikali actors - Sep 2008

Mr Stephen Gates, a BBC reporter from UK, also got himself painted as a tiger and participated in this years pulikali competition as part of a documentary production on India called 'Feast'.
PKY_075_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0015 Stock Image No: PKY 075 PKY_076_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0017Stock Image No: PKY 076
PKY_077_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0043PKY 077 PKY_078_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0078PKY 078 PKY_079_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0464 PKY 079

Pulikali Portraits-Part 3 - Sep 2008

In Puli Kali, a group of performers paint their whole body like tigers and wear mask. First, the dancers have to shave off the hair from their body and then the base coat of paints is applied on them. After two to three hours, the second coat of paint is applied with different designs according to the Pulikkali painting artist.
PKY_056_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0414Stock Image No: PKY 056 PKY_057_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0019 Stock Image No: PKY 057
PKY_058_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0024PKY 058 PKY_059_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0456PKY 059 PKY_060_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0042PKY 060

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pulikali Portraits-Part 2 - Sep 2008

In the past paintings were done on the faces of participants. In recent years this has changed and the practice of using artificial masks with tongue, teeth, mustachios and beards attached came into existence.
PKY_051_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0444 Stock Image No: PKY 051 PKY_052_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0455Stock Image No: PKY 052
PKY_053_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0465 PKY 053 PKY_054_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0466PKY 054 PKY_055_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0472 PKY 055