Saturday, April 20, 2024

Urgent Wildlife Alert: Baby Elephant Consuming Discarded Plastic in Anakulam Forest, Kerala

This alarming footage was captured deep within Anakulam forest in Kerala, India, where a young elephant calf was seen ingesting discarded plastic left behind by humans. This distressing scene sheds light on the dire consequences of plastic pollution on our wildlife. Join us in spreading awareness about the urgent need to protect our natural habitats and wildlife from such threats. Let's take action together to combat plastic pollution and ensure a safer environment for all living creatures.

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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Magical Encounter with Wild Elephants at Anakulam, Idukki | Family Adventure in Kerala

Our family embarked on an extraordinary journey to Anakulam, nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Idukki district in Kerala, India. Little did we know that this expedition would lead us to a breathtaking encounter with a group of wild elephants, including adorable baby elephants, quenching their thirst at a serene jungle stream.

The Wildlife Spectacle:
As we ventured into the heart of Anakulam's lush forests, we were greeted by the sights and sounds of nature in its purest form. The air was filled with anticipation as we approached a tranquil stream, where we caught sight of majestic elephants gracefully making their way through the foliage.

A Family's Wonder:
Standing in awe at a safe distance, we observed with wonder as the elephants gathered around the stream, their majestic presence reflecting the harmony of the natural world. The group consisted of at least 20 elephants, including playful calves frolicking in the water under the watchful eyes of their elders.

Capturing Nature's Beauty:
Our cameras captured every moment of this mesmerizing encounter – from the elephants interacting with each other to the playful splashes echoing through the forest. It was a testament to the beauty and resilience of Kerala's wildlife.

Reflections and Gratitude:
This experience left a lasting impact on our family, deepening our appreciation for the importance of wildlife conservation. Witnessing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat was a humbling reminder of our responsibility to protect and preserve our planet's biodiversity.

Sharing Our Journey:
We invite you to join us on this virtual expedition through our blog post and video, where we share not only the wildlife spectacle but also our family's emotions and reflections. Let this serve as an inspiration to cherish and safeguard the wonders of nature.

Anakulam will forever hold a special place in our hearts, reminding us of the magic that unfolds when humans and wildlife coexist harmoniously. We hope our story encourages others to seek out their own adventures in nature and foster a deep connection with our natural world.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Whispers of the Sea: An Evening of Serenity and Street Delights at Fort Kochi Beach

Step into a world where the night sky meets the rhythmic waves of the Arabian Sea, and the Fort Kochi Beach Promenade comes alive with the vibrant pulse of weekend festivities. Our latest video captures the essence of this coastal haven, where every step along the stone-paved path is a dance with the sea breeze. The promenade, a symphony of lights and shadows, plays host to a myriad of visitors—each finding their own peace amidst the communal joy.

As you wander through our visual narrative, you’ll encounter the charming chaos of street food vendors, their carts aglow with the promise of local culinary adventures. The air is rich with the mingling scents of fried delicacies and sweet ice cream, each flavor telling its own story of Kochi’s cultural tapestry. Laughter and conversation punctuate the night, a testament to the promenade’s magnetic draw.

This is not just a walk; it’s an experience—a chance to immerse yourself in the tranquil yet spirited atmosphere that only Fort Kochi Beach can offer. From the gentle lull of the waves to the distant hum of the city, every moment is a treasure, every scene a postcard waiting to be shared. Join us on this journey and let the whispers of the sea echo in your soul.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

A Visual Expedition: Driving the Enchanting Cochin International Airport Road (CIAL) in Kochi, Kerala!

Welcome to a mesmerizing journey along the Cochin International Airport Road (CIAL) in Kochi, Kerala! Join us on a visual odyssey from the bustling Athani Airport junction to Terminal 3, capturing the essence of Kochi's vibrant streets. This dashcam adventure unfolds through 5 kilometers of picturesque landscapes, adorned with lush greenery and framed by the beauty of Nedumbassery, Kochi. Learn intriguing facts about CIAL, the pioneering airport powered entirely by solar energy, serving as a global hub with numerous international and domestic carriers. Discover the heartbeat of Kerala as we showcase glimpses of local life intertwined with the allure of this stunning region. The journey culminates in a breathtaking panorama of the majestic Cochin International Airport set amidst Kerala's natural splendor.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

A GoPro Odyssey: Unveiling the Timeless Charm of Fort Kochi’s Streets

Embark on an immersive journey through the historic heart of Kerala with our 8-minute GoPro video, “A GoPro Odyssey: Unveiling the Timeless Charm of Fort Kochi’s Streets”. This video offers a unique perspective of Fort Kochi, captured from the vantage point of a motorbike navigating its narrow, bustling streets.

As you virtually traverse these lanes, you’ll be transported back in time, witnessing the grandeur of colonial-era architecture that adorns both sides of the streets. These structures, each with their own story, stand as silent narrators of Fort Kochi’s rich past.

Our journey takes you past antique shops, each a treasure trove of curios and artifacts that echo the city’s vibrant history. The churches we encounter along the way have withstood the test of time, their sacred walls bearing witness to centuries of change.

We also explore heritage hotels that seamlessly blend tradition and luxury, offering a glimpse into the opulent past while catering to contemporary comforts.

Every frame of this video is a testament to Fort Kochi’s unique ability to preserve its historical roots while evolving with the times. Join us on this captivating journey and experience the timeless charm of Fort Kochi’s streets. Enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

An Enchanting Nocturnal Voyage: Aboard a RoRo Ferry from Fort Kochi to Vypin, Kerala

Embark on a mesmerizing journey under the starlit sky as we traverse the tranquil waters from Fort Kochi to Vypin, Kerala, aboard a RoRo ferry. This video encapsulates the captivating night-time ambience experienced from the ferry’s deck, offering viewers an intimate glimpse into a serene voyage that unfolds under the celestial canopy.

As we sail through the placid waters, witness the iconic Chinese Fishing nets casting their intricate silhouettes against the backdrop of an orange-painted sky, a beautiful remnant of the sunset. The vast expanse of the Arabian Sea stretches infinitely towards the horizon, its gentle waves whispering tales of distant shores.

With the nightfall enveloping the surroundings in its tender embrace, experience solitude and tranquility as we find ourselves amongst only a handful of passengers and 2-wheelers onboard. The ferry’s deck is subtly illuminated, accentuating its structure while preserving the natural allure of the night.

Join us in this visual journey where the sea meets the sky, and silence narrates stories - unveiling nature’s nocturnal beauty and serenity that can only be experienced during a late-night sojourn across these mystical waters. This video is a testament to the tranquility and beauty that night-time voyages offer, a unique experience that stays with you long after the journey ends. Enjoy the ride!

Embracing the New Dawn: A Captivating Journey through the Cochin Carnival 2024 and New Year’s Eve Celebrations at Fort Kochi Beach, Kerala

Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of Kerala as we take you on a captivating 3-minute journey through the Cochin Carnival 2024 and New Year’s Eve celebrations at Fort Kochi Beach. Our video captures the heart of the festivities, showcasing a large crowd of people reveling in the ambience and the sea on New Year’s Eve.

As the last sunset of 2023 paints the sky with hues of gold and orange, Fort Kochi Beach comes alive with the sound of laughter, music, and the rhythmic ebb and flow of the sea. The air is filled with anticipation and excitement as locals and tourists alike gather to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new.

Every frame of our video is a testament to the joyous spirit of the Cochin Carnival. From the infectious energy of the crowd to the serene beauty of Fort Kochi Beach, we bring you the sights and sounds of this iconic celebration. Experience the magic of the moment as the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins, promising new hopes, dreams, and endless possibilities.

Join us as we celebrate the dawn of 2024 at Fort Kochi Beach, where every moment is a memory waiting to be made.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Kaleidoscope of Joy: Cochin Carnival 2024 & New Year’s Eve at Fort Kochi!

Dive into the heart of the vibrant and lively atmosphere of Fort Kochi, Kerala during the Cochin Carnival 2024 and New Year’s Eve celebrations! Witness a sea of enthusiastic faces as they disembark from the roro ferry at Fort Kochi jetty, ready to plunge into a night filled with excitement and joy. Wander through the bustling streets of Fort Kochi, where every corner is alive with energy, echoing with laughter and resonating with the clinks of toasts to new beginnings.

Marvel at Pappanji standing tall at Fort Kochi’s Parade Ground, an iconic figure that symbolizes the culmination of old times and the dawn of new hopes. Get lost in a world where colors dance and lights dazzle amidst roadside food vendors offering a culinary journey like no other.

Step into Veli Ground - the epicenter of Cochin Carnival 2024 - where rides like Giant Wheel, Toy Train, Swinging Boat beckon thrill-seekers for an unforgettable adventure under starlit skies. Every frame captures not just moments but emotions; every scene is not just visual but visceral. Join us in this 3-minute sojourn that encapsulates not just an event but an experience – one that stays etched in memory long after midnight strikes!

Monday, January 1, 2024

Epic Journey to Cochin Carnival - A Sea of Revelers on the Vypin-Fort Kochi Ferry!

Dive into the electric atmosphere aboard the Vypin to Fort Kochi RoRo ferry, teeming with enthusiastic souls, all set to usher in New Year 2024! Captured on December 31st, 2023, this visual spectacle encapsulates the pulsating energy and collective euphoria of people from diverse walks of life. They are united by anticipation and excitement for the iconic Cochin Carnival. Every face tells a story of eager anticipation; every cheer echoes the city’s festive spirit. As the ferry cuts through the serene waters under the golden hue of the setting sun, it carries not just passengers but a wave of hope, joy, and unbridled celebration. Join us in this unforgettable journey where every moment is a photograph and every smile heralds the onset of a year where dreams set sail!

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Unveiling Nature's Majesty: A Spectacular Kochi to Valparai Round Trip Road Expedition – Full 381 KM trip captured on GoPro mounted as a Dash Cam in 4K Resolution.

Join us on an awe-inspiring expedition—a dash cam journey spanning from Kochi to Valparai and back, encapsulating over 380 kilometers of enthralling landscapes and unforgettable moments. Departing from the bustling cityscape of Kochi, our adventure unfolds through the picturesque terrains of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

This video was captured using a GoPro camera mounted as a dash cam. To cover the entirety of a journey of this length in a single day, a GoPro camera requires at least 4 to 6 spare batteries. An ongoing challenge when using the GoPro camera as a dash cam is its tendency to overheat during extended usage. If used continuously for 20 minutes or more, the GoPro camera automatically shuts down to prevent damage. Consequently, one needs to intermittently turn the camera on and off or opt for using two GoPro cameras for continuous video recording during longer journeys. Recording a full journey of this length and beyond with a GoPro camera isn’t a simple task.

As the wheels roll onto NH 544, the journey becomes a symphony of sights and experiences, revealing the diverse tapestry of South India's natural wonders. Traverse through Chalakudy town and witness the transition from urban buzz to serene rural beauty, preparing for an immersive escapade.

The expedition offers glimpses of Kerala's cascading treasures—starting with the majestic Athirappilly Waterfalls, followed by the enchanting Vazhachal Waterfalls. Each stop unveils panoramic vistas and, at Vazhachal Bridge, invites an intimate connection with the sylvan streams and the surrounding forest's grandeur.

Numerous travelers along the Vazhachal – Malakkappara route have reported encountering either a herd of wild elephants or single large tuskers on the road. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we didn’t come across any wild animals during our journey, except for some monkeys and wild boars. If we had encountered them, it could have been a challenging and dangerous situation, given the narrowness of this route—often only wide enough for a single vehicle to pass. Imagine facing a massive wild tusker blocking our path; we would have been completely vulnerable. Travelers considering this route should be prepared for such possibilities and anticipate the unexpected.

Venturing further, the route introduces the Thottapura View Point, providing a breathtaking panorama of the Sholayar Reservoir. Passing through Malakkappara, where Kerala meets Tamil Nadu, the landscape transitions, promising a different facet of natural allure.

Crossing into Tamil Nadu, the journey meanders through the Valparai-Athirappilly Road, gifting scenic marvels like the Sholayar Dam Park and viewpoints offering serene glimpses of the dam and its lush surroundings.

Midway through this exploration, a serene pause amid nature allows for a homemade lunch, a moment to appreciate the beauty enveloping us. Arriving in Valparai, nestled amidst tea estates, the town offers a tranquil retreat, a stark contrast to typical tourist hotspots.

On the return journey, the adventure intensifies, navigating the thrilling series of 40 hairpin bends, each bend promising a new perspective of the Western Ghats' magnificence. Pit stops at Valparai's iconic points like Photo Point and Tiger Hill View Point amplify the experience, highlighting the region's captivating allure.

Returning through Tamil Nadu to Kerala, landmarks like Aliyar Dam and Park add serene pauses before finally retracing our path back to Kochi, marking the end of an exhilarating odyssey through nature's exquisite landscapes and untamed terrains.

This dash cam video aims not just to document a road trip but to transport viewers on an immersive visual voyage, a testament to the beauty and serenity awaiting those willing to explore offbeat paths.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Misty Rainy Drive: Monsoon Magic on the Munnar-Adimali Route, Kerala

Welcome to an enchanting 8-minute journey that will transport you to the heart of monsoon wonder in Kerala, India. Join us as we embark on a captivating dashcam adventure along the Munnar-Adimali Route during a heavy downpour, where rain and mist conspire to paint the landscape with ethereal beauty.

This video captures the very essence of Kerala's monsoon season – the rain-swept tea plantations glistening under gray skies, the cascading waterfalls, and the quaint villages tucked amidst the verdant hills. The soothing symphony of raindrops on the windshield and the ever-present mist make for an unforgettable sensory experience.

In this blog post, we take you through every twist and turn of this rainy road trip. You'll feel like you're right there with us, experiencing the serenity and charm of Kerala's monsoon. This video isn't just about the destination; it's about the journey and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

So, if you're a nature lover, a monsoon enthusiast, or just seeking a moment of tranquility, this Misty Rainy Drive will provide it all. Join us on this unique adventure, and let the rain and mist be your companions as we navigate the scenic roads from Munnar to Adimali in God's Own Country.

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Monday, October 16, 2023

Embarking on Tranquility: A Comprehensive Review of Elephant Passage Resort, Munnar, Kerala

Welcome to a journey of serenity and luxury nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Munnar, Kerala. In this comprehensive video review, we invite you to explore the hidden gem, Elephant Passage Resort. Join us as we traverse the winding roads through tea plantations, capturing the essence of the journey that leads to this mountain retreat.

The adventure begins with a warm welcome at the entrance, where we share the picturesque drive through the resort's lush plantation-lined roads. Follow along as we navigate the check-in formalities seamlessly and embark on a detailed tour of our adjoining cottage rooms, highlighting the cozy interiors, spacious balconies, and stunning views.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the resort with a walkaround tour, showcasing the property's expansive grounds, the inviting swimming pool area, and the mesmerizing night views that transform the resort into a magical wonderland.

Dive into the culinary delights as we enjoy a complimentary evening tea with snacks and indulge in a delightful breakfast feast at the resort's restaurant. The video also captures the recreational side of Elephant Passage with a visit to the games room, offering breathtaking views through its large glass windows.

As the day comes to a close, join us in bidding farewell to this serene haven, capturing the essence of our memorable stay. Whether you are planning a getaway or simply seeking a virtual escape, this detailed review promises to be your guide to an unforgettable experience at Elephant Passage Resort.

Friday, October 6, 2023

From Munnar to Top Station and Back: A Cinematic Odyssey Through Nature's Wonders

Join us on an extended journey from Munnar to Top Station and back, weaving through the stunning landscapes of Kerala, India. In this cinematic adventure, we encounter wild elephants, brave unpredictable weather, and navigate through thunderstorms, making it an unforgettable road trip.

Our expedition begins as we depart from Elephant Passage Resort in Munnar at 11 am. The initial 16 minutes showcase the scenic beauty of Mattupetty Dam, Eco Point, and Kundala Dam. We decided to forego stops at Mattupetty Dam and Kundala Dam, keeping our eyes on the prize—Top Station.

About 14 kilometers from Munnar, we encounter a traffic block on a jungle road. The cause? A majestic herd of wild elephants grazing in the meadows, captivating our hearts and the lens of our GoPro dash cam.

As we continue towards Top Station, the weather transforms from cloudy to a downpour. The drive becomes more exhilarating, setting the stage for the return journey.

The narrative takes a thrilling turn on the way back. The return trip, captured in the latter half of the video, unfolds in extreme thunderstorms. The rain, lightning, and thunder add a dramatic flair to our adventure.

The video concludes as we navigate through Munnar town, facing heavy traffic amidst the relentless thunderstorm. The entire journey, now spanning 33 minutes, encapsulates the raw beauty and challenges of this incredible road trip.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Encountering the Majestic: Wild Elephants in Mattupetty Meadows, Munnar, Kerala

Welcome to a journey of awe and wonder as we delve into the heart of Mattupetty, Munnar, where nature unfolds its grandeur in the form of a majestic herd of wild elephants. In this blog post, we take you on a virtual tour to witness the grace of these gentle giants, grazing peacefully in the meadows near Mattupetty Dam.
The site of this enchanting encounter is approximately 14 kilometers from Munnar town, a serene spot situated about 2 kilometers before the famous Eco Point on the Munnar - Top Station Highway. As you traverse this picturesque route, nature reveals its secrets, offering a glimpse into the lives of these magnificent creatures.
In this visual journey, we've captured the essence of the wild – four elephants, utterly unperturbed by the crowd of tourists along the road, enjoying the abundance of nature. The setting, with the panoramic views of Mattupetty Lake formed by the construction of Mattupetty Dam, adds an extra layer of beauty to this already magical encounter.
But the adventure doesn't stop here! Alongside this blog post, I'm sharing seven crystal-clear photos that I had the privilege of capturing with my camera during this encounter. These images freeze in time the details of these gentle giants, showcasing their magnificence in vivid detail.
As we navigate through this journey, it's important to remember that wildlife sightings are serendipitous. Nature shares its treasures when it desires, making each encounter a unique and precious experience. Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, a travel buff, or someone seeking a moment of tranquility, this blog post invites you to savor the beauty of the wild, to appreciate the delicate balance between humans and nature.
So, dive into the blog, explore the images, and relive the magic of encountering wild elephants in the meadows of Mattupetty. Don't forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Until the next adventure, let's continue cherishing the wonders that our planet has to offer.

These photos captures a serene moment of four wild elephants roaming freely in their natural habitat. The elephants are enjoying the fresh air and the greenery of the forest, which is part of the Western Ghats mountain range. The forest is home to many rare and endemic species of flora and fauna, and is a biodiversity hotspot. The photo also shows the Mattupetty Dam in the background, which is a concrete gravity dam built to conserve water for hydroelectricity. The dam forms a lake that reflects the blue sky and the clouds, creating a beautiful contrast with the green landscape. The dam and the lake are popular tourist attractions in Munnar, a hill station in Kerala known for its tea plantations and scenic beauty. These photos is a perfect example of the harmony between nature and human development, and the importance of preserving the wildlife and the environment.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Whispers of Rain: A Cinematic Journey from Munnar to Elephant Passage, Anachal

Step into the magic of Munnar's rainy embrace as we embark on a cinematic odyssey from Alibaba & 41 Dishes to the serene Elephant Passage in Anachal. The road unfolds before us, a ribbon of mist-kissed wonder, captured frame by frame in a 5x speed hyperlapse with our trusty GoPro serving as both witness and storyteller.

As we navigate through the rain-soaked roads, a symphony of droplets dances on the windshield, echoing the rhythm of our journey. The lush greenery of tea plantations becomes a canvas for nature's artistry, with each curve revealing a new vista of mist-covered mountains.

Our 15-kilometer drive takes an adventurous turn with a sharp U-turn leading us to Anachal. The thrill of the road blends seamlessly with the tranquility of the surroundings. The rain, the mist, and the mountains weave a tale of serenity and excitement, a narrative that unfolds with every twist of the road.

The journey culminates as we ascend to the pinnacle of our adventure—the Elephant Passage Resort. Perched on a steep hill road, this retreat amidst plantations and forests promises an immersive escape into the heart of Munnar's natural beauty. The video ends, but the experience echoes, leaving us poised on the brink of a magical stay.

This blog post is an invitation to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of our rain-soaked road trip. It's a visual feast, a journey through the senses, and a celebration of nature's grandeur in the heart of Kerala. Join us as we navigate the whispers of rain, capturing the essence of Munnar's enchanting landscapes one raindrop at a time.

Stay tuned for the next chapter as we unveil the secrets and serenity that await us at Elephant Passage.

Friday, September 29, 2023

Embracing the Monsoon Magic: A Rainy Day Odyssey from Kochi to Munnar (Neriamangalam to Munnar Section)

Step into the enchanting world of our rainy day escapade from Kochi to Munnar, as we traverse the mesmerizing stretch from Neriamangalam to Munnar. The journey unfolds with the gentle patter of raindrops on our car roof, setting the perfect mood for a scenic adventure.

Our expedition commences in Kochi, navigating through the quiet streets before embarking on the open road. The initial leg, from Kochi to Neriamangalam, is omitted due to the pre-dawn darkness, preserving the allure of anticipation as we dive into the heart of Kerala's captivating landscapes.

The video captures the essence of NH 85, showcased through the lens of our GoPro camera set at a 5x speed hyperlapse. Witness the architectural marvel of the Neriamangalam Bridge, an arch bridge that stands as a gateway to the Western Ghats, connecting the districts of Ernakulam and Idukki since 1935.

The rain-kissed journey unfolds with breathtaking visuals of Cheeyappara Waterfall, the cascading beauty of Valara Waterfalls, and the charming town of Adimali. As we wind through mist-covered tea estates, the twists and turns of the Munnar mountains reveal nature's grandeur in its full glory.

Immerse yourself in the cinematic allure of this travelogue, meticulously edited in a 21:9 ratio for an immersive viewing experience. The video culminates in the quaint town of Munnar, where we pause for a delectable lunch at Alibaba & 41 Dishes, adding a culinary highlight to our rainy day odyssey.

This blog post is an invitation to relive the essence of a rainy day road trip, where every curve tells a story, and each raindrop adds to the magic of the journey. Join us as we navigate through the symphony of rain and nature, capturing the raw beauty of Kerala's landscapes in all its monsoon glory.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Supercharged Detail: Unveiling the Beauty of a Pink Shoe Flower in 88 Megapixels


Floral Marvel: 88 Megapixel Marvel of a Pink Shoe Flower
In the world of photography, the devil truly lies in the details, and our latest blog post is a testament to that fact. Behold the captivating beauty of a pink shoe flower, meticulously captured with a Canon DSLR EOS 5D MARK III, boasting a formidable 22 megapixels. What sets this photograph apart is the magic of Photoshop's super resolution feature, which has transformed this already exquisite image into an astounding 88 megapixels.

The result? A breathtaking display of nature's artistry, where every petal and hue is revealed in its full glory, with a level of clarity and precision that will leave you in awe. This 4x increase in resolution doesn't compromise a single iota of quality, ensuring that every intricate detail of this floral wonder is celebrated.

Explore the nuances, appreciate the subtleties, and immerse yourself in the world of the pink shoe flower like never before. It's a testament to the power of technology and the artistry of nature, captured for your visual delight. Step into the realm of super resolution and witness the world of this flower as you've never seen it before.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Completing the Journey: From Theni to Kumily | Kerala Round Trip Series | Video 4 of 4

We've arrived at the grand finale of our epic Kochi – Neriamangalam – Munnar - Poopara – Theni – Kumily – Kochi round trip adventure. In this concluding episode, we invite you to join us as we journey from Pooppara, Idukki, Kerala, to the picturesque destination of Kumily in Kerala, the heart of the spice country.

The fourth and final leg of our journey leads us to NH 183, a two-lane highway that winds through the charming landscapes of Southern India. Smooth road conditions make the drive a pleasure, with a brief stop at the Upparpatti Toll Plaza to ensure our seamless journey.

As the clock approaches 2:45 pm, we find ourselves crossing the Tamil Nadu border and entering Kumily, a town known for its lush spice plantations and vibrant biodiversity. It's a fitting conclusion to our adventure, surrounded by the captivating beauty of Kerala's greenery.

Kumily, with its rich spice heritage and inviting atmosphere, beckons us to explore its treasures, bringing our remarkable journey full circle.

Thank you for being a part of our unforgettable adventure, where we've uncovered the hidden gems of Southern India, embraced breathtaking views, and shared the magic of travel. If you've enjoyed this travel series as much as we have, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell. Stay tuned for future expeditions and more remarkable journeys that await.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

From Kerala's Heights to Tamil Nadu's Plains: The Bodimettu Descent | Gap Road Adventure | Video 3 of 4

Welcome back to our awe-inspiring Kochi – Neriamangalam – Munnar - Poopara – Theni – Kumily – Kochi round trip adventure. In this third installment of our enthralling travel series, we invite you to join us on an extraordinary journey as we descend from the serene heights of Pooppara, Kerala, to the vibrant plains of Theni, Tamil Nadu.
Our adventure begins at 11 am, with Pooppara's verdant tea estates bidding us farewell. Our destination: Bodimettu, a mountain pass nestled at an impressive 1500 meters above sea level. This location marks the zenith of our journey, and from here, we'll embark on a breathtaking descent featuring 17 sharp hairpin bends, most of which you'll witness firsthand in this video.
As we venture downhill from Bodimettu, a noticeable change in climate and landscape becomes apparent. Unlike Kerala's side of the Western Ghats, this region has received fewer monsoon rains, leading to a drier, distinctly different environment.
The Bodimettu viewpoint offers a stunning spectacle—the winding NH 85 gracefully cutting through the rugged mountains, with the bustling town of Theni visible in the distance. It's a sight that showcases the harmony of nature and human engineering.
However, beyond Bodimettu, the road conditions take a turn. While it's free from potholes, the road narrows significantly, winding its way through the terrain's contours, challenging our journey with each sharp bend.
After conquering approximately 34 kilometers in the Ghats, we reach the plains at Bodinayakkanur, Tamil Nadu. Here, we pause under the welcoming shade of a roadside tree to enjoy a lunch prepared all the way from our home in Kochi. Despite the scorching 12:30 PM heat in Tamil Nadu, the cool, invigorating wind at our chosen rest stop revitalizes us for the road ahead.
Taking a right turn from NH 85 at the Theni bypass junction, we steer towards NH 183, a route that will lead us to Kumily, Kerala, approximately 60 kilometers away. This leg of our adventure will take center stage in our fourth and final installment of this video series.
Join us as we continue to explore the incredible landscapes of Southern India, sharing the beauty and wonder of our journey with you. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to ensure you don't miss the thrilling conclusion of our Kochi – Neriamangalam – Munnar – Theni – Kumily – Kochi round trip adventure.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Unveiling the Enchanting Gap Road: Munnar to Pooppara Drive | Kerala Travel Series | Video 2 of 4

Welcome back to our enthralling Kochi – Neriamangalam – Munnar - Poopara – Theni – Kumily – Kochi round trip adventure. In this second episode of our captivating travel series, we invite you to witness the spellbinding beauty of Gap Road, a scenic route stretching from Munnar to Pooppara.

After indulging in a hearty breakfast and a well-deserved respite at the charming Issacs Residency hotel in Munnar, we set out on our expedition at 9:50 am. The destination? Pooppara, nestled at the Idukki border, a serene haven that stands at the juncture of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, connected by the alluring NH 85.

As our wheels embraced the winding road, we were met with breathtaking views that seemed like nature's own canvas. The Gap Road, also known as NH 85, extends over 32 kilometers, showcasing the untouched beauty of Kerala's landscapes. This is the first time this highway has been fully accessible, offering an unparalleled opportunity to revel in its scenic grandeur.

Despite its designation as a toll road, our journey was toll-free, owing to the highway's yet-to-be-officially-inaugurated status. Interestingly, this stretch is destined to be home to Idukki's first toll plaza, an emblem of progress harmonizing with nature's beauty.

The 4K quality footage, meticulously captured by our GoPro dash cam, presents the journey in all its vivid glory. The video's 21:9 aspect ratio amplifies the cinematic experience, inviting you to step into our shoes as we traverse the Gap Road.

At the outset, the first 2 minutes provide a tantalizing glimpse of the mesmerizing highlights that await in the subsequent 20 minutes. But the complete video isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's an exploration of Kerala's heart and soul. The journey unfolds through the breathtaking Lockhart Tea Estate, alongside the tranquil Anayirankal Dam, and beyond, revealing rocky mountains, mist-kissed cliffs, and verdant forests.

This route is a haven of untouched beauty, where the only human presence you'll spot are a few structures and the occasional road-side vendors offering refreshments at scenic viewpoints. The Gap Road is a symphony composed solely by nature, its beauty complemented by the cool morning breeze at 10 o'clock.

To visitors of Munnar, a traverse through Gap Road is an indescribable must-do. Its vistas tell stories of a land untouched by time, a glimpse into a world where nature still reigns supreme.

As our journey reaches Pooppara, Idukki, and we take a left turn towards Theni in Tamil Nadu, we invite you to join us in the upcoming video (Part 3 of 4), where we explore the awe-inspiring Bodimettu mountain ranges. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell, ensuring you don't miss a moment of this unforgettable journey through Southern India's natural wonders.