Monday, January 21, 2008

AYPU 006 - "Madhalam" Drummers

Stock Image No: AYPU 006
A closeup view of "Madhalam" drum performers at temple festival, Cochin. Madhalam has two sides for playing, made out of leather, which give different beats. This is a heavy instrument which is tied around the waist of the person playing and the player stands all the while to perform.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

AYPU 005 - Caparisoned Elephant with “Thidambu”

Stock Image No: AYPU 005
Lord Ayyappa's "Thidambu" is ascended atop the gold caparisoned elephant during “Utsavam”

AYPU 004 - Father and child observing Caparisoned Elephant

Stock Image No: AYPU 004
Father and daughter adore the caparisoned elephant carrying the “Thidambu” (direct manifestation of the Deity) at Ayyappa temple, Kerala

AYPU 002 - Traditional Drummers, Kochi

Stock Image No: AYPU 002
Timila drum performers at Ayyappa temple festival, Kochi. January 2008. Timila is made from polished jack wood. Timila is an hour-glass drum. It is one of the 4 percussion instruments of "Panchavadyam". The drum heads are made of calf hide and are held together by leather braces which are also twined round the waist of the drum.

AYPU 003 - Caparisoned Elephants, Ayyappa Temple

Stock Image No: AYPU 003
Line up of Caparisoned Elephants, Ayyappa temple, Kochi, Kerala

AYPU 001 - Elephant and Mahout, Kochi

Stock Image No: AYPU 001
A Mahout (one who keeps or drives elephants particularly in India) sitting and reading newspaper under his elephant at a temple festival in the suburbs of Kochi. January 2008