Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mist covered Summits near Kumily

Summits overhang out of haze in the mountains of Peermade near Kumily. An early morning spectacle on the way to Thekkady. Six digitally manipulated images of the same photograph displaying different moods.

TDY_097_thekkady_DSC0060-64Stock Image No: TDY 097
TDY_097_thekkady_DSC0060-64A Stock Image No: TDY 097A
TDY_097_thekkady_DSC0060-64B Stock Image No: TDY 097B
TDY_097_thekkady_DSC0060-64CStock Image No: TDY 097C
TDY_097_thekkady_DSC0060-64D Stock Image No: TDY 097D
TDY_097_thekkady_DSC0060-64EStock Image No: TDY 097E