Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hanging bridge of Nilambur - November 2012

_P6A1640_Nilambur_keralapix.comSuspension Bridge upon Chaliyar river, Nilambur.
It was inaugurated three years ago by the then Kerala Forest minister Mr.Benoy Viswom. This suspension bridge constructed as part of the eco tourism project across Chaliyar River connects Conolly Teak Plantation with the main land; Nilambur.
It is regarded as the longest hanging bridge in Kerala spanning 143 feet. Watch the video I posted here, you can hear the jangling sound of the bridge swaying when people walking on it.
Video of Hanging Bridge, Nilambur.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Chaliyar River, Nilambur - November 2012

Muddy Chaliyar river (Beypore Puzha) flowing through Nilambur.
View from Nilambur teak plantation.
Video of Chaliyar River

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Conolly's Plot, Nilambur - November 2012

Conolly’s Plot is located about 2 kilometers from Nilambur town. These teak plantations raised in 1846 memorialize the work of Mr, H.V.Conolly, collector of Malabar between 1841 and 1855. Sri Chanthu Menon , forest under Conolly, after a hard and forerunning strive nurtured the first 1500 acres of the Nilambur Plantation and thus laid the foundation for methodical forest superintendence in India. It is said that, he was laid to rest in this teak garden.
Video of Conolly’s Plot

Monday, December 10, 2012

Rubber Plantations, Nilambur - November 2012

Rubber estates on the way to Kurumbalangode village of Nilambur taluk in Malappuram district, Kerala. Rubber usually cultivated in large plantations that extent to several acres are a typical sight when travelling through villages of central and north Kerala. Some roads pass right across these vast estates and driving through these is an enjoyable experience. Rubber latex, the agricultural product of this plant is extracted from the fully grown rubber trees.
In place like Kerala, where coconuts are in ampleness, the half shell of coconut is used for gathering the rubber latex. When the rubber

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adyanpara Waterfalls, Nilambur – November 2012

Adyanpara is an astounding waterfall near to Nilambur about 12 kilometers from Calicut Nilambur Road. When we visited this place, although the water level was low, the wet here are dangerously slippery. A sign board erected here says that lot of people who ventured into these waters have lost their lives in the past. Now the local administration has appointed a few female guards and male lifeguards for protecting these cascades and the lives of the tourists who come here for recreation. It is definitely a must see place for anyone who is visiting or passing through Nilambur. The negative side is, road condition from Nilambur to Kurmbalangod village where this falls is situated is not so good.
Video of Adyanpara Waterfalls