Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sree Sankara Memorial Tower, Kaladi

Sree Sankara Memorial Tower, Kaladi, Ernakulam district, is a tall eight-story memorial built by Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt. The entrance to the memorial, guarded by two elephant statues, leads to the Paduka Mandapam with two silver knobs representing the 'padukas,' or wooden sandals of the Teacher. The walls of the memorial feature framed relief paintings narrating the story of Adi Sankaracharya. Several large statues of Ganapati, Adi Sankara, and others are also housed in this memorial. Adi Sankara's shrines in Kalady are open to all pilgrims irrespective of religion and caste. Visitors can review the life of Sankara Acharya as they climb to the top. Sankaracharya was the greatest reformer of the Hindu Renaissance that took place in Kerala in 8 c. AD. He taught Advaita Vedanta that postulates the indivisibility of the individual soul and the Brahma or the Cosmic Soul. Adi Shankara was the founder of the Dashanami monastic order and the Shanmata tradition of worship. Adi Shankara quotes extensively from the Upanishads and other Hindu scriptures in forming his teachings.

KLDY_001_kalady_DSC0150 KLDY 001 KLDY_002_kalady_DSC0152 KLDY 002 KLDY_003_kalady_DSC0154 KLDY 003
KLDY_004_kalady_DSC0160KLDY 004 KLDY_005_kalady_DSC0161 KLDY 005
KLDY_006_kalady_DSC0162 KLDY 006 KLDY_007_kalady_DSC0163 KLDY 007

Cruise ship MV Seven Seas Voyager on her visit to Kochi

Images of Cruise ship MV Seven Seas Voyager which called at the Kochi port on Sunday 23rd march 2008. Seven Seas Voyager is a cruise ship owned by Regent Seven Seas Cruises. These photographs were taken on 24th March 2008 when she left Cochin for Mumbai.
The ship arrived at the Ernakulam Wharf of the Cochin Port Trust. Kerala's popularity as `God's own country' and Kochi's strategic location as a port near the international shipping route are said to be the main attractions for cruise ships. The unique feature of the vessel is that it has only suites, with a balcony attached.
SSVK_001_sevenseasvoyager_kochi_DSC0 SSVK 001 SSVK_002_sevenseasvoyager_kochi_DSC0 SSVK 002
SSVK_003_sevenseasvoyager_kochi_DSC0 SSVK 003 SSVK_004_sevenseasvoyager_kochi_DSC0 SSVK 004
SSVK_005_sevenseasvoyager_kochi_DSC0 SSVK 005 SSVK_006_sevenseasvoyager_kochi_DSC0 SSVK 006
SSVK_007_sevenseasvoyager_kochi_DSC0 SSVK 007 SSVK_008_sevenseasvoyager_kochi_DSC0 SSVK 008
SSVK_009_sevenseasvoyager_kochi_DSC0 SSVK 009 SSVK_010_sevenseasvoyager_kochi_DSC0 SSVK 010

Friday, March 7, 2008

Chinese fishing nets, Cherai, Kerala

Chinese fishing nets that adorn the embankment at Munambam harbor, near Cherai.

CHRI_053_cherai_DSC0083 CHRI 053 CHRI_054_cherai_DSC0084 CHRI 054
CHRI_055_cherai_DSC0105 CHRI 055 CHRI_056_cherai_DSC0106 CHRI 056

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fisherman with his dugout, Cherai

CHRI_048_cherai_DSC0138 CHRI 048 CHRI_049_cherai_DSC0139 CHRI 049
CHRI_050_cherai_DSC0140 CHRI 050 CHRI_051_cherai_DSC0142 CHRI 051
CHRI_052_cherai_DSC0143 CHRI 052

Fisherman with his dugout propelling through a narrow canal at Munambam, Kerala.

Munambam fishing harbor, Kerala

CHRI_044_cherai_DSC0141CHRI 044
Country fishing boats moored at Munambam fishing harbor.
CHRI_045_cherai_DSC0149 CHRI 045 CHRI_046_cherai_DSC0147 CHRI 046 CHRI_047_cherai_DSC0146 CHRI 047

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Munambam fishing harbor, Cherai, Kerala

The Munambam fishing harbor is situated about 5 km north of Cherai beach and is the northern tip of Vypeen island. Munambam is surrounded by Arabian Sea at west, end of Periyar river at east and the mouth of sea at the north side. To protect the harbor mouth, two ramparts are constructed into the sea to about half kilometer using granite stones and concrete blocks. A lot of Chinese fishing nets which looks like huge spider webs adorn these earthworks.

CHRI_018_cherai_DSC0085 CHRI 018
The southern embankment that stretches out into Arabian sea at Munambam harbor mouth. At a distance, you can see the Chinese fishing nets.
CHRI_019_cherai_DSC0089 CHRI 019
A fishing boat entering the harbor from sea. The northern embankment is seen on the other side of the backwater.

CHRI_020_cherai_DSC0091 CHRI 020 CHRI_021_cherai_DSC0092 CHRI 021
CHRI_022_cherai_DSC0093 CHRI 022 CHRI_023_cherai_DSC0094 CHRI 023
CHRI_024_cherai_DSC0095 CHRI 024 CHRI_026_cherai_DSC0096 CHRI 026

Two local fishermen in their small country canoes.

CHRI_027_cherai_DSC0097 CHRI 027 CHRI_028_cherai_DSC0102 CHRI 028

The large expanse of granite stones used for the construction of the dike, Munambam, Cherai.

CHRI_029_cherai_DSC0111 CHRI 029 CHRI_030_cherai_DSC0116 CHRI 030
CHRI_031_cherai_DSC0117 CHRI 031 CHRI_032_cherai_DSC0118 CHRI 032
CHRI_033_cherai_DSC0119 CHRI 033 CHRI_034_cherai_DSC0120 CHRI 034
CHRI_035_cherai_DSC0121 CHRI 035 CHRI_036_cherai_DSC0122 CHRI 036
CHRI_037_cherai_DSC0123 CHRI 037 CHRI_038_cherai_DSC0124 CHRI 038

The tip of the embankment is protected by huge four legged concrete blocks.

CHRI_039_cherai_DSC0127 CHRI 039

Dolphin sighting is usual here. This image is cropped from original.

CHRI_040_cherai_DSC0130 CHRI 040 CHRI_041_cherai_DSC0131 CHRI 041
Boys sitting on concrete blocks observing the Arabian sea, Munambam.
CHRI_042_cherai_DSC0136 CHRI 042 CHRI_043_cherai_DSC0137 CHRI 043

A boat setting out to Arabian sea. A sight from the embankment.