Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bandipur–December 2013

Images taken during our stay at Karnataka Forest Department cottages, Bandipur – December 2013. Photos by Neelima & Rohan Bimalraj.
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Deer spotting's near our cottage: Most commonly seen & abundant in and around the cottages which is in the midst of  Bandipur forest.
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Gray Langurs at Bandipur Forest Cottages: They inhabit this surroundings-sharing space with the

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bandipur to Mananthavadi via Nagarhole – December 2013

There are two routes running through Nagarhole National Park to Mananthavadi.
IMG_0821Bison Herd, Bandipur.
These are two options described as “Route A” and “Route B” in the map below for getting to Manandavadi from Bandipur via Nagarhole. For both routes the road up to Handpost Jn. and from Kattikkulam to Mananthavady are same. Even I did not know there are two routes existed through Nagarhole National Park to Manandavady, although I searched the internet before the journey. That is why I made this detailed route map & published here for those who want to take this course. Bandipur_Nagarhole_Mananthavady Some cautions before you decide on which route to take: For both routes, traffic not allowed between 6 pm and 6 am. “Route A” is more liberalized allowing two wheelers and lorry, bus traffic. Through “Route B”, no two wheelers allowed. It is mandatory to write details about your name vehicle reg. no., destination and time of