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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TDY - 038 - Languar, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Stock Image No: TDY 038
A Languar at Periyar forest range, Thekkady.

They prefer forested areas, obviously, coming to ground only when they feel secure in order to find water, food, forage for treats in the grass and relax with each other. In much of South India they are frequently seen in villages and towns where they can become a pest but are tolerated. Many temples have a colony that live in their courtyards and are treated as part of the family. In the wild, the vast majority of the langurs day is spent looking for food; nuts, seeds, fruits, grasses, leaves, roots, insects are all part of the daily diet. Troops of langurs can number upto 70 individuals and are based on a strong matriarchal system. The oldest female leads the troop; although each troop will have at least one adult male, he is usually more concerned with keeping rival males away from his harem than anything else.

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