Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adyanpara Waterfalls, Nilambur – November 2012

Adyanpara is an astounding waterfall near to Nilambur about 12 kilometers from Calicut Nilambur Road. When we visited this place, although the water level was low, the wet rocks_P6A1533_www.keralapix.com here are dangerously slippery. A sign board erected here says that lot of people who ventured into these waters have lost their lives in the past. Now the local administration has appointed a few female guards and male lifeguards for protecting these cascades and the lives of the tourists who come here for recreation. It is definitely a must see place for anyone who is visiting or passing through Nilambur. The negative side is, road condition from Nilambur to Kurmbalangod village where this falls is situated is not so good.
Video of Adyanpara Waterfalls
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