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Friday, October 5, 2007

TPM - 040 - Trichur Pooram, Kerala

Stock Image No: TPM 040
Trichur Pooram Photo collection 2007 : 39
The procession of the Thiruvambadi Pooram to the grounds of Vadakkumnatha Temple and back is not only important, but also quite enlivening. The marvellous as well as magical effect of the Panchavadyam, a combination of five percussion and wind instruments is to be felt and enjoyed. Among the varieties of festivals celebrated in Kerala, Thrissur Pooram is the most thunderous, spectacular and dazzling. There are three temples participating in the event. It is an expression of popular fascination for sound and colour, and because of the pageantry, it appeals to all people. The images of the deities from all temples of the village are taken on elephants to the main temple.
पूरम फेस्टीवल थिरुवाम्बडी तेम्प्ले, त्रिचुर

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