Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fishermen, Cherai Beach, Kerala

I met these fishermen at Cherai beach. They are looking for some buyers for their catch from the Arabian sea. These fishermen are from the local village and get their livelihood from the Arabian sea.

CHRI_005_cherai_DSC0025CHRI 005
Fishermen with their canoe made out of wood.
CHRI_006_cherai_DSC0026 CHRI 006
CHRI_007_cherai_DSC0028 CHRI 007
A pleasant smile after a good catch.
CHRI_008_cherai_DSC0034 CHRI 008
A customer for their catch.
CHRI_009_cherai_DSC0032 CHRI 009
Customer with Mackerel fish, fresh from Arabian sea.
CHRI_010_cherai_DSC0036 CHRI 010
After finishing all the fishes in their canoe, they set out to Arabian sea to try another luck.
CHRI_011_cherai_DSC0040 CHRI 011
They try hard to overcome the lashing waves.
CHRI_012_cherai_DSC0042 CHRI 012
Oops, the waves turn their canoe down.
CHRI_013_cherai_DSC0045 CHRI 013
Now another try.
CHRI_014_cherai_DSC0046 CHRI 014
This time they succeed in penetrating the sea waves.
CHRI_015_cherai_DSC0049 CHRI 015 CHRI_016_cherai_DSC0051 CHRI 016
CHRI_017_cherai_DSC0052CHRI 017
Off they go

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