Sunday, July 5, 2009

Enticing Sunset at Fort Kochi Harbor - July 2009

FKN_103_www.keralapix.com__DSC0001 FKN_103
FKN_104_www.keralapix.com__DSC0003 FKN_104 FKN_105_www.keralapix.com__DSC0006 FKN_105 FKN_106_www.keralapix.com__DSC0007 FKN_106
FKN_107_www.keralapix.com__DSC0008FKN_107 FKN_108_www.keralapix.com__DSC0009 FKN_108 FKN_109_www.keralapix.com__DSC0011 FKN_109
FKN_110_www.keralapix.com__DSC0014 FKN_110 FKN_111_www.keralapix.com__DSC0017 FKN_111 FKN_112_www.keralapix.com__DSC0018FKN_112

FKN_113_www.keralapix.com_DSC0322FKN_113 FKN_114_www.keralapix.com_DSC0323FKN_114
FKN_115_www.keralapix.com_DSC0324 FKN_115 FKN_116_www.keralapix.com_DSC0325FKN_116 FKN_117_www.keralapix.com_DSC0326FKN_117
FKN_120_www.keralapix.com_DSC0179FKN_120 FKN_121_www.keralapix.com_DSC0180 FKN_121 FKN_122_www.keralapix.com_DSC0182 FKN_122 FKN_123_www.keralapix.com_DSC0183 FKN_123
FKN_124_www.keralapix.com_DSC0184 FKN_124 FKN_125_www.keralapix.com_DSC0190 FKN_125 FKN_127_www.keralapix.com_DSC0197 FKN_127 FKN_128_www.keralapix.com_DSC0202_1FKN_128
Every time I click my camera shutter to capture these renowned, enormous spider web like Chinese fish nets and the setting sun at Kochi harbor, I get distinctive tint of orange and yellow each time. Also seen in the photographs is the dredging ship entangled with the work for deepening the outer and inner channels leading to the Rajiv Gandhi Container Terminal of Cochin Port Trust. Jaisu Shipping has won a integrated contract for maintenance dredging and capital dredging at Kochi Port. The huge suspended fishing nets look impressive against the setting sun. These fishing nets introduced by Chinese traders in the 14th Century are one of the captivating attractions of Kerala coast. No visit to Kerala is complete without taking a look at the resolute men manning these enormous structures at Fort Kochi. They are an ineluctable part of this place, imbued in history and inheritance.

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