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Ernakulam – Parambikulam – Chinnar – Munnar – Ernakulam Round Trip – March 2011

Photos from Ernakulum, Parambikulam, Chinnar, Munnar roundtrip and back to Ernakulum via Adimali, Neriamangalam, Kothamangalam. DSCF1020 I with my family set out from Ernakulam in our car at about 4.15 am. The four-lane work of NH 47 up to Mannuthy (70 kilometers) is nearly finished and it takes less than an hour to cover this distance in the early morning hours as the traffic is also less. At 100 kilometers from Ernakulam, will reach Vadakkancherry from where we took the right deviation to the Pollachi road covering small towns like Nemmara, Kollengode before crossing the Kerala Tamil Nadu border at 142 kilometers. After travelling about 14 kilometers from the border, you reach a junction from where you right turn to go to Parambikulam.
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PCM_002_DSC0013-2_ Parambikulam_www.keralapix.comPCM_002
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PCM_006_DSC0018-2_ PCM_006
PCM_007_DSC0020-3_ PCM_007
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You can reach Parambikulam, which is in Kerala state only through Tamil Nadu because of the
geographical constraints. Turn right from Anaimalai junction to SethumadaiDSCF1021 from where again turn right to Parambikulam road you reach Tamilnadu Forest Department check post. Here you have to pay entrance fees to Anamalai Tiger Reserve.DSCF1043 After travelling through Anamalai Tiger Reserve for about 16 kilometers and covering Top slip, we reached Kerala border again at 9 o'clock, which is the commencement of Parambikulam sanctuary. On the way, we could see some Gray Langur’s on tree tops and two Sambar deer's crossed the road in front of our car in a split second. On this DSCF1065 extend, the road was extremely bad. DSCF1039 We stopped at the Kerala Forest Check post, as Private vehicles not allowed entering the sanctuary. Kerala Forest department organize safaris in their own vehicles, which lasts up to 3 hours, but they persist a minimum number of 14 or pay for 14 DSCF1089 people at Rs. 140 per person. we waited for about 45 minutes and no other tourists came DSCF1082 within that time, We decided to continue our journey to Munnar without exhausting any more time. On return, we took a right turn from Anaimalai junction towards DSCF1086 Udumalaipettai to proceed to Chinnar. Although one can reach Manupatti on the Marayur road without touching Udumalaipettai town, we were blown off the course and wasted valuable time. 32 kilometers from Udumalaipettai, you will reach Kerala state border that is also the commencement of Chinnar wild life sanctuary. DSCF1127 Chinnar woodland road stretch up to 14 kilometers and at the end, you will reach Marayur Town. 33 kilometers down towards Munnar town is the famous Eravikulam National Park, the habitat of Nilgiri Tahr. We could not visit Kundala Dam and Top Station because of a forest fire that erupted on the hills en route Kundala, so we returned via Munnar, Adimali, Kothamangalam to Cochin.
Chinnar: PCM_014
Marayoor: PCM_019 PCM_016 PCM_017 PCM_018 PCM_020
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Parambikulam, Chinnar, Munnar – Navigation chart in Kilometers:
Trip Meter Reading
Distance between
Ernakulam (Kaloor) 0
Mannuthy (NH47 four lane ends) 73 73
Vadakkancherry (Turn right to pollachi road) 100 27
Nemmara 116 16
Kollengode 127 11
Kerala / Tamilnadu Border 142 15
Parambikulam deviation junction (Turn right) 156 14
Anaimalai junction (Turn right) 162 6
Sethumadai (Turn right) 172 10
Top slip 185 13
Parambikulam 188 3

Topslip 190 12
Anaimalai junction (Straight, no left turn) 213 23
Udumalaipettai town (Turn right) 251 38
Chinnar forest Start 283 32
Chinnar forest End 297 14
Marayur 299 2
Eravikulam National Park (habitat of Nilgiri Tahr – The mountain goat)image 332 23
Munnar 340 8
Mattupatti 351 11
Echo point 357 6
Return (due to road block caused by forest fire, normally you can go up to Top station)
360 3
Mattupatti 368 8
Munnar 379 11
Adimali 409 30
Ernakulam (Kaloor) via Kothamangalam, Perumbavoor, Aluva. 511 102
Total Run Kilometers

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