Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stay at Bandipur Forest Department Cottages - September 2013

We stayed at Vanasuma cottage which is at the corner edge of the Bandipur Forest Guest House campus adjoining the Tiger Reserve.
_P6A5857View of spotted deer herd from Vanasuma cottage
The boundary is not restricted with any wall or fence; hence we get a reel feel of the jungle and can watch wildlife right from our cottage verandah or window. Vehicles are allowed near the cottages at day time; however between 6.00pm and 6.00am the vehicles are not permitted to run inside the campus and should be parked at the parking area near the reception. That’s because there are a lot of wild life movements inside the campus including elephants at night. Big cats are also said to be spotted inside the campus rarely.

When we checked in by noon, we saw hundreds of Chital deer's at the edge of the forest about 100 meters from our cottage.
_P6A6098 Empty meadow in front of our cottage at noon
_P6A5883 Same place encroached by a herd of spotted deer at dusk
By dusk they started to move towards us and were found grazing the entire meadow of the guesthouse campus. Some came very near to our cottage door step. Seeing hundreds (that’s right, in hundreds) of Spotted deer who have made the forest rest house meadow their night camping ground was simply amazing.
The bus & Jeep Safari starts from the reception center near the guest house gates.
Points to Note:
1. This is not a luxury tourist resort. Most cottages are more than 30 years old, the facilities are minimum; We didn't even get hot water in bathroom although the facility was installed there and was not working. You get a 2 bed cottage right in the midst of the forest for 1000 bucks with the luxury of watching the wildlife from your room. In that sense, you won't get a better deal than this anywhere in Bandipur.
2. Food is veg only and is made against order at least 2 hrs.' before which are reasonably tasty. That also comes cheap @ INR.70.00 for lunch & dinner, INR.40.00 for breakfast per head.
3. Bus & Jeep safari timings: 6.30 A.M to 9.30 A.M & 3.30 P.M to 6.30 P.M
4. Sighting wild animals is sheer luck, so don’t blame me if you didn't come across anything while you stay here. Good Luck.
5. Cottages can only be booked online through Karnataka forest website and not from the reception center at Bandipur. Tariff for two-bed cottage is INR 1000.00 including tax plus INR.200.00 park entry fee per person. When you stay at forest department cottages, you do not have to pay this 200.00 park entry charges while taking safari ticket, pay only 100.00 per person for jungle safari in mini buses, because you already paid that at the time you check in (all rates mentioned above are for Indian Nationals).  
    For more details & booking visit :

DSC03590 That’s myself with a group of Chital deer near our cottage
DSC03734 Dining hall of the guest house
_P6A5848 _P6A5853
_P6A5855 _P6A5866
_P6A5867 _P6A5869
_P6A5870 _P6A5874
_P6A5882 _P6A5885
_P6A5887 _P6A5888
_P6A5890 _P6A5892
_P6A5894 _P6A5896
_P6A5898 _P6A5899
_P6A5900 _P6A5901
_P6A5902 _P6A5905
_P6A5962 _P6A5973
_P6A5976 _P6A5977
_P6A5978 _P6A5987
_P6A5991 _P6A6001
_P6A6020 _P6A6021
_P6A6024 _P6A6063
_P6A6095 _P6A6097
_P6A6099 _P6A6100
_P6A6102 _P6A6106
_P6A6109 _P6A6103


  1. Thanks for your blog, it was helpful in finding a good accommodation..!! :)

  2. pl inform whether gypsy safari is possible at Bandipur and what is the formality for gypsy safari if I already book for forest rest house.

  3. I want to make safari through gypsy.Is it possible in Bandipur ? What is the formality ?Is separate permission is needed for Gypsy safari if we stay at forest rest house.

    1. they do provide jeep safari. for details pls. contact:

  4. i, with my wife nandita went there on march2014 and stayed at Banoshuma guest house.realy a thriling stay at bandipura .in the night a beer knoking at the door just near the bonushuma a rest house where the guest are taking the video of the beer and shown us next morning. the behaviour of the staff is realy good and help us to go to ooty.

  5. Excellent information and feedback. I was looking to book a cottage for our family of 5. Since you mention 2 beds... and you were family of 4. I assume it should be fine. Searched google to find your site. Thanks! RS Chennai