Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bandipur–December 2013

Images taken during our stay at Karnataka Forest Department cottages, Bandipur – December 2013. Photos by Neelima & Rohan Bimalraj.
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Deer spotting's near our cottage: Most commonly seen & abundant in and around the cottages which is in the midst of  Bandipur forest.
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016_IMG_0603 017_IMG_0604 039_IMG_0767

Gray Langurs at Bandipur Forest Cottages: They inhabit this surroundings-sharing space with the
common bonnet macaques. Saw many mother langurs carrying their babes under their bellies.
034_IMG_0747 035_IMG_0750 036_IMG_0759
037_IMG_0761 IMG_0791 042_IMG_0800
041_IMG_0790 038_IMG_0766 IMG_0806

Bandipur National Park is pleasantly cool in winter with leaves shed deciduous trees, dried out grass and minimum temperatures dropping below 10-degree Celsius. The green meadows & full foliaged trees that we witnessed on our September 2013 visit just after the monsoons now have been disappeared.
011_IMG_0592 012_IMG_0593 018_IMG_0613
046_WP6A7205 047_WP6A7208 061_WP6A7306
028_IMG_0669 048_WP6A7209 049_WP6A7229
050_WP6A7240 051_WP6A7245 052_WP6A7246
053_WP6A7256 054_WP6A7257 055_WP6A7259
060_WP6A7301 062_WP6A7308 063_WP6A7312

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