Sunday, September 6, 2020

My Kochi | Vypin Island | Chinese Fishing Nets | Beach | Ship spotting view point

 Vypin beach is situated just 6 kilometres from high court junction, Ernakulam. Not so popular and lengthy as Fort Kochi beach, Vypin is a nice place to spent the evenings with the sun setting in the Arabian Sea. Vypeen is the opposite side of Fort Kochi on the shipping channel of Kochi Port. Vypeen and Fort Kochi are connected by Roll on-Roll off (Ro-Ro) ferry service (featured in this video). You can also buy fresh (even live) fish from the Chinese net operators here in the morning and evening hours.Chinese fishing nets overlooking Kochi harbor, VypinSandy beach of Vypin Island, Kochi

Chinese fishing nets in operation at Fort Vypin, KochiContainer ship sailing from Kochi port, Vypin

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