Saturday, November 18, 2023

Unveiling Nature's Majesty: A Spectacular Kochi to Valparai Round Trip Road Expedition – Full 381 KM trip captured on GoPro mounted as a Dash Cam in 4K Resolution.

Join us on an awe-inspiring expedition—a dash cam journey spanning from Kochi to Valparai and back, encapsulating over 380 kilometers of enthralling landscapes and unforgettable moments. Departing from the bustling cityscape of Kochi, our adventure unfolds through the picturesque terrains of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

This video was captured using a GoPro camera mounted as a dash cam. To cover the entirety of a journey of this length in a single day, a GoPro camera requires at least 4 to 6 spare batteries. An ongoing challenge when using the GoPro camera as a dash cam is its tendency to overheat during extended usage. If used continuously for 20 minutes or more, the GoPro camera automatically shuts down to prevent damage. Consequently, one needs to intermittently turn the camera on and off or opt for using two GoPro cameras for continuous video recording during longer journeys. Recording a full journey of this length and beyond with a GoPro camera isn’t a simple task.

As the wheels roll onto NH 544, the journey becomes a symphony of sights and experiences, revealing the diverse tapestry of South India's natural wonders. Traverse through Chalakudy town and witness the transition from urban buzz to serene rural beauty, preparing for an immersive escapade.

The expedition offers glimpses of Kerala's cascading treasures—starting with the majestic Athirappilly Waterfalls, followed by the enchanting Vazhachal Waterfalls. Each stop unveils panoramic vistas and, at Vazhachal Bridge, invites an intimate connection with the sylvan streams and the surrounding forest's grandeur.

Numerous travelers along the Vazhachal – Malakkappara route have reported encountering either a herd of wild elephants or single large tuskers on the road. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we didn’t come across any wild animals during our journey, except for some monkeys and wild boars. If we had encountered them, it could have been a challenging and dangerous situation, given the narrowness of this route—often only wide enough for a single vehicle to pass. Imagine facing a massive wild tusker blocking our path; we would have been completely vulnerable. Travelers considering this route should be prepared for such possibilities and anticipate the unexpected.

Venturing further, the route introduces the Thottapura View Point, providing a breathtaking panorama of the Sholayar Reservoir. Passing through Malakkappara, where Kerala meets Tamil Nadu, the landscape transitions, promising a different facet of natural allure.

Crossing into Tamil Nadu, the journey meanders through the Valparai-Athirappilly Road, gifting scenic marvels like the Sholayar Dam Park and viewpoints offering serene glimpses of the dam and its lush surroundings.

Midway through this exploration, a serene pause amid nature allows for a homemade lunch, a moment to appreciate the beauty enveloping us. Arriving in Valparai, nestled amidst tea estates, the town offers a tranquil retreat, a stark contrast to typical tourist hotspots.

On the return journey, the adventure intensifies, navigating the thrilling series of 40 hairpin bends, each bend promising a new perspective of the Western Ghats' magnificence. Pit stops at Valparai's iconic points like Photo Point and Tiger Hill View Point amplify the experience, highlighting the region's captivating allure.

Returning through Tamil Nadu to Kerala, landmarks like Aliyar Dam and Park add serene pauses before finally retracing our path back to Kochi, marking the end of an exhilarating odyssey through nature's exquisite landscapes and untamed terrains.

This dash cam video aims not just to document a road trip but to transport viewers on an immersive visual voyage, a testament to the beauty and serenity awaiting those willing to explore offbeat paths.

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