Saturday, October 18, 2008

Evergreen Hillside views of Ponmudi Valley, Kerala - Sep 2008

These pictures were taken from the scenic Vithura - Ponmudi state Highway, that runs through plantations and forests.
PMDY_001_keralapix.com_ponmudi_keralStock Image No: PMDY 001
PMDY_002_keralapix.com_ponmudi_keralStock Image No: PMDY 002
PMDY_003_keralapix.com_ponmudi_keralStock Image No: PMDY 003
PMDY_004_keralapix.com_ponmudi_keralStock Image No: PMDY 004
PMDY_005_keralapix.com_ponmudi_keralStock Image No: PMDY 005

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