Saturday, October 18, 2008

Intact view of hills and grasslands of Ponmudi top station, Kerala - Sep 2008

This area, with it's quietly rolling, grassy hills is quite green in June - October after the monsoon rains. As I got closer to top station of Ponmudi, I set off by foot to explore some of the grass covered summits up into the mountainsides which are very steep and slippery. I used the precipitous oblique line of this slope to whole the approaching rain clouds. It began raining soon after I got back down to Vithura base town.
PMDY_018_keralapix.com_ponmudi_keralStock Image No: PMDY 018 Original Image size: 6238 x 3098 pixels
PMDY_019_keralapix.com_ponmudi_keralStock Image No: PMDY 019 Original Image size: 6377 x 3563 pixels
PMDY_020_keralapix.com_ponmudi_keralStock Image No: PMDY 020 Original Image size: 9233 x 3481 pixels
PMDY_021_keralapix.com_ponmudi_keralStock Image No: PMDY 021 Original Image size: 5900 x 2425 pixels
PMDY_022_keralapix.com_ponmudi_keralStock Image No: PMDY 022 Original Image size: 5359 x 2459 pixel

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