Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Maritheyyam - Sep 2008

‘Mari’ and ‘Mamaya’ characters of Mariyattam or Maritheyyam have a similar appearance to the much popular ritual art of North Kerala, Theyyam which I had featured in the previous post.
ATM_161_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0083 ATM 161
ATM_162_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0084 ATM 162
ATM_163_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0085 ATM 163
ATM_164_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0086 ATM 164 ATM_165_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0087 ATM 165
ATM_166_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0088ATM 166
ATM_167_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0177 ATM 167
ATM_168_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0178 ATM 168
ATM_169_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0179ATM 169
ATM_170_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0180 ATM 170 ATM_171_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0181 ATM 171
ATM_172_keralapix.com_mariyattam_kerala_DSC0182ATM 172
The mask of Kaliyans - another character of Maritheyyam resembles the masks of some African tribes.
The head gear and the costumes of Kaliyans are created of tender coconut leaves.
It's being performed by the members of the ‘Pulaya’ community of Kannur district of Kerala during the festival of ‘Mariyattom’.
you can also find more of these folk art images that I photographed in posts from 2007.

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