Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vizhinjam near Kovalam - Sep 2008

Pictures of Sea waves lashing against the protection sea wall constructed to save the fishing harbor of Vizhinjam. The plant that converts sea wave energy to electricity and is given to the local power station is also seen in the distance.
KVLM_005_kovalam_vizhijam_kerala_DSC0122 Stock Image Id: KVLM 005
KVLM_006_kovalam_vizhijam_kerala_DSC0123Stock Image Id: KVLM 006
KVLM_007_kovalam_vizhijam_kerala_DSC0124 Stock Image Id: KVLM 007
KVLM_008_kovalam_vizhijam_kerala_DSC0125 Stock Image Id: KVLM 008

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