Wednesday, May 6, 2009

THRISSUR Pooram - May 2009

Pictures of Kudamattam, the frequently - changing display of colorful parasols by the Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu Devaswoms, in progress at the Thekkinkad Maidan in Thrissur on Sunday, 3rd May 2009.
TPM_165_www.keralapix.com_DSC0105-Edit Photo ID: TPM_165
Delightful procession of mighty tuskers decorated with glimmering silk and golden adornments, carrying the deities of Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu temples is the most interesting element  of this renowned festival of central Kerala, India.
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Tusker Thiruvambady Sivasundar carried the ‘Thidumbu' of Thiruvambady temple, while the tusker Kuttankulangara Arjunan carried the 'Thidambu' of Paramekkavu Bhagavathi during the main processions.
TPM_168_www.keralapix.com_DSC0133-EditTPM_168 TPM_169_www.keralapix.com_DSC0136-EditTPM_169 TPM_170_www.keralapix.com_DSC0138-Edit TPM_170
The ‘elanjithara melam’ unparalleled so far in temple festivals, producing a symphony beyond worlds and the hour-long divine durbar of ‘kudamattam’ competition atop 30 mighty tuskers in the afternoon, offered a marvelous feast of art, culture and tradition to the large crowd gathered here to witness this decade old practice. The crowd cheered as each set of parasols is displayed atop the array of  caparisoned elephants.
TPM_161_www.keralapix.com_DSC0042Photo ID: TPM_161 TPM_162_www.keralapix.com_DSC0051Photo ID: TPM_162

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