Thursday, June 4, 2009

Elephant transported in a Lorry, Kerala - June 2009

An elephant being transported in a truck - In the hurry to take elephants from one temple festival scene to another, they are frequently transported in lorries.
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There are some mandatory rules for transporting elephants between festival venues. Elephants should not be made to walk for more than 20 km a day or paraded for more than three hours continuously. The trucks in which they were transported should have a minimum length of 12 ft. They should also not be transported for more than 150 km in a day. After six hours in a lorry or truck, the elephants should be allowed to rest for six hours. The rules also speak about maintaining a constant speed While transporting elephants by truck. Breaking these rules will lead to fatal accidents to both elephant and its mahout. Recently, a mahout, was killed and a tusker, Ayyappan, was seriously injured when both were thrown out of an over-speeding lorry in which they were travelling and dragged them together for nearly 200 metres before the vehicle came to a stop at Vamanapuram, near Trivandrum, Kerala. Another incident was a tusker named Kannan broke his tusks while being transported from Guruvayur to Kannur. The incident happened when the lorry in which Kannan was taken had crushed into the rear of a bus. The tusks of the elephant shattered as it penetrated through the steel and wooden cabin.

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