Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Banana Market, Central Kerala from my Photo Archive 20170322

View of one of the largest wholesale banana markets in central Kerala, Ernakulam. Varieties of bananas that come here as raw for trade are Ethan (Nendran), Jnali Poovan, Palayamkodan, Chenkadali, Poovan Pazham & Robusta (Chingan). Nendran banana is considered the best for manufacturing yellow banana chips, the famous snack of Kerala. Every morning banana trucks arrive here mostly from fields in Tamil Nadu and high range regions of Kerala. Bananas are off-loaded here and sold by weight to retail buyers. Although I photographed these 10 years ago, one can see the same spectacle even today without any major changes.

DSC_0002_keralapix.com_banana market DSC_0005_keralapix.com_banana market DSC_0009_keralapix.com_banana market
DSC_0014_keralapix.com_banana market DSC_0018_keralapix.com_banana market DSC_0024_keralapix.com_banana market
DSC_0013_keralapix.com_banana market DSC_0017_keralapix.com_banana market DSC_0019_keralapix.com_banana market

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