Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fort Kochi from my Photo Archive 20170319

Images of Fort Kochi, Kerala from my photo archive taken in 2007 almost a decade ago. In the featured photos of Fort Kochi beach and the Chinese nets, you won’t see the structures like ICCT cranes and huge storage tanks of the LNG terminal in the backgrounds.

DSC_0005_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0006_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0007_keralapix.com_fort kochi
DSC_0011_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0014_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0015_keralapix.com_fort kochi
DSC_0016_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0017_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0018_keralapix.com_fort kochi
DSC_0019_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0022_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0023_keralapix.com_fort kochi
DSC_0032_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0035_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0036_keralapix.com_fort kochi
DSC_0037_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0043_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0049_keralapix.com_fort kochi
DSC_0052_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0053_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0054_keralapix.com_fort kochi
DSC_0059_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0064_keralapix.com_fort kochi  

St. Francis Church, Fort Cochin (2007)

DSC_0090_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0091_keralapix.com_fort kochi DSC_0093_keralapix.com_fort kochi

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