Tuesday, October 13, 2020

My Kochi | Pizhala - Moolampilly bridge | A Bridge to Pokkali field


The 607-meter-long bridge constructed from Container road (NH 966A) to Pizhala at Moolampilly is a bridge to nowhere because there is no connection road big enough to accommodate cars and larger vehicles on the Pizhala side, only a concrete lane with sharp curves running through pokkali fields. Even after years of waiting, the bridge still has a long way to go. The problem people of Pizhala village face is that there is no wide road for vehicles to cross the bridge. After crossing the Pizhala bridge, the journey through the fields is adventurous as there is only a small concrete road. If you take your eyes off the road for a second while driving, you will fall into the Pokkali field. Also, there are electric posts in the middle of the road obstructing the journey. If a vehicle arrives in the opposite direction, then you are trapped. The scenic beauty of this pokkali fields is awesome and has a Kuttanad touch.

Scenic view of Pizhala Pokkali Farm from Pizhala bridge
panoramic view from Pizhala bridge
Wide view of Pizhala bridge from container road
Pizhala bridge inauguration details

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