Friday, September 29, 2023

Embracing the Monsoon Magic: A Rainy Day Odyssey from Kochi to Munnar (Neriamangalam to Munnar Section)

Step into the enchanting world of our rainy day escapade from Kochi to Munnar, as we traverse the mesmerizing stretch from Neriamangalam to Munnar. The journey unfolds with the gentle patter of raindrops on our car roof, setting the perfect mood for a scenic adventure.

Our expedition commences in Kochi, navigating through the quiet streets before embarking on the open road. The initial leg, from Kochi to Neriamangalam, is omitted due to the pre-dawn darkness, preserving the allure of anticipation as we dive into the heart of Kerala's captivating landscapes.

The video captures the essence of NH 85, showcased through the lens of our GoPro camera set at a 5x speed hyperlapse. Witness the architectural marvel of the Neriamangalam Bridge, an arch bridge that stands as a gateway to the Western Ghats, connecting the districts of Ernakulam and Idukki since 1935.

The rain-kissed journey unfolds with breathtaking visuals of Cheeyappara Waterfall, the cascading beauty of Valara Waterfalls, and the charming town of Adimali. As we wind through mist-covered tea estates, the twists and turns of the Munnar mountains reveal nature's grandeur in its full glory.

Immerse yourself in the cinematic allure of this travelogue, meticulously edited in a 21:9 ratio for an immersive viewing experience. The video culminates in the quaint town of Munnar, where we pause for a delectable lunch at Alibaba & 41 Dishes, adding a culinary highlight to our rainy day odyssey.

This blog post is an invitation to relive the essence of a rainy day road trip, where every curve tells a story, and each raindrop adds to the magic of the journey. Join us as we navigate through the symphony of rain and nature, capturing the raw beauty of Kerala's landscapes in all its monsoon glory.

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