Sunday, September 3, 2023

From Kerala's Heights to Tamil Nadu's Plains: The Bodimettu Descent | Gap Road Adventure | Video 3 of 4

Welcome back to our awe-inspiring Kochi – Neriamangalam – Munnar - Poopara – Theni – Kumily – Kochi round trip adventure. In this third installment of our enthralling travel series, we invite you to join us on an extraordinary journey as we descend from the serene heights of Pooppara, Kerala, to the vibrant plains of Theni, Tamil Nadu.
Our adventure begins at 11 am, with Pooppara's verdant tea estates bidding us farewell. Our destination: Bodimettu, a mountain pass nestled at an impressive 1500 meters above sea level. This location marks the zenith of our journey, and from here, we'll embark on a breathtaking descent featuring 17 sharp hairpin bends, most of which you'll witness firsthand in this video.
As we venture downhill from Bodimettu, a noticeable change in climate and landscape becomes apparent. Unlike Kerala's side of the Western Ghats, this region has received fewer monsoon rains, leading to a drier, distinctly different environment.
The Bodimettu viewpoint offers a stunning spectacle—the winding NH 85 gracefully cutting through the rugged mountains, with the bustling town of Theni visible in the distance. It's a sight that showcases the harmony of nature and human engineering.
However, beyond Bodimettu, the road conditions take a turn. While it's free from potholes, the road narrows significantly, winding its way through the terrain's contours, challenging our journey with each sharp bend.
After conquering approximately 34 kilometers in the Ghats, we reach the plains at Bodinayakkanur, Tamil Nadu. Here, we pause under the welcoming shade of a roadside tree to enjoy a lunch prepared all the way from our home in Kochi. Despite the scorching 12:30 PM heat in Tamil Nadu, the cool, invigorating wind at our chosen rest stop revitalizes us for the road ahead.
Taking a right turn from NH 85 at the Theni bypass junction, we steer towards NH 183, a route that will lead us to Kumily, Kerala, approximately 60 kilometers away. This leg of our adventure will take center stage in our fourth and final installment of this video series.
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