Friday, March 9, 2007

FKN - 050 - Cruise Ship Queen Mary 2 on her visit to Cochin.

Stock Image No: FKN - 050
Photograph 5: Entering Cochin Port From Arabian sea.
In common with liners such as SS Rotterdam there is a continuous wrap-around promenade deck on Deck 7. The promenade passes behind the bridge screen and allows passengers to completely circumnavigate the deck while protected from the strong winds generated by the ship at full speed. Once circuit of the promenade is a distance of 620 metres (2034 ft., or 1/3 mile). The flanking promenades are created by the need to step the superstructure in, to allow for space for lifeboats. By SOLAS standards the lifeboats should have been lower on the ship's hull (15 m above waterline), but for the sake of the QM2's appearance as well as to avoid the danger of large North Atlantic waves damaging the boats in a storm, Payne convinced SOLAS officials to exempt the QM2 from this requirement, and the boats are 25 m above the waterline.

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