Friday, March 9, 2007

FKN - 051 - Cruise Ship Queen Mary 2 on her visit to Cochin.

Stock Image No: FKN - 051
Photograph 6: Entering Cochin Port From Arabian sea.
The Queen Mary 2's principal architect was Carnival's house designer, Stephen Payne, a self-admitted ocean liner aficionado. While the primary reference point for the vessel's design was undoubtedly that of her running mate Queen Elizabeth 2, her exterior lines also show hints of other vessels. She resembles her predecessor Queen Mary in the curved forward bridge screen, the tower-like ends of which rise to the bridge wings. The forward whaleback is reminiscent of many CGT liners, particularly the Normandie and the France. The two slender after-stacks are a further direct reference to the France.
The QM2 has 14,164 m² (3.5 acres) of exterior deck space, with similar wind screens to shield passengers from gusts as the ship travels at high speeds. Four of the ship's five swimming pools are outdoors; one of these is only one inch deep for the use of small children. The fifth pool is indoors on Deck 12, though covered with a retractable magrodome.

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