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Sunday, March 4, 2007

KKA - 001 - Kathakali Dancer

Stock Image No: KKA - 001
Kathakali Dancer
Character type: 'Thadi'
Character: 'Nandikesan'

Of all the classical art forms of Kerala, Kathakali is the most popular and internationally acclaimed genre. This dance drama is believed to have originated from Ramanattom, evolved by the Raja of Kottarakkara, based on the epic, Ramayana. The appeal of Kathakali to the connoisseurs of theatre art all over the world is account of its high degree of sophistication. Its remarkable repertoire of gestural vocabulary, collectively known as 'Mudras', is amazingly capable of articulating all the subtle nuances of every conceivable human emotion. The makeup and music of Kathakali are in themselves elaborate art forms. The intricate cosmetology categorizes five distinct character types, of which the most important are 'Pacha', 'Kathi', 'Thadi'.

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