Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pulikali actors on the road after makeup-Part 1 - Sep 2008

Pulikali actors coming out of their 'den' after finishing makeup and marching in groups before the start of competition.
PKY_080_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0475Stock Image No: PKY 080 PKY_081_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0461Stock Image No: PKY 081
PKY_082_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0018Stock Image No: PKY 082 PKY_083_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0002 Stock Image No: PKY 083
PKY_084_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0010 Stock Image No: PKY 084
As the Pulikali groups marches towards Swaraj Round through Poonkunnam over bridge, Trichur, a train passes below.

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