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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Painted bellies of Pulikali peformers-Part 1 - Sep 2008

Mid section view of painted bellies of several Pulikali performers, Kerala, India.

PKY_032_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0029Stock Image No: PKY 032 PKY_033_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0030Stock Image No: PKY 033
PKY_034_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0031 Stock Image No: PKY 034 PKY_035_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0388Stock Image No: PKY 035
PKY_036_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0398 PKY 036 PKY_037_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0399 PKY 037 PKY_038_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0433PKY 038

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