Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paraphernalia of Pulikali - Sep 2008

Few of the Paraphernalia used in Pulikali folk art.

PKY_027_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0426Stock Image No: PKY 027
Tying an ornament to the waist of the Pulikali performer with lot of hollow metal objects used to make a ringing sound while dancing on the streets.
PKY_031_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0435 Stock Image No: PKY 031
A pink panther getting ready to perform.
PKY 028
Traditionally this belt like ornament is used by the temple oracles or Komarams in Kerala.
PKY 029
PKY 030
Yellow paint used to create the tiger like look for the Pulikali dancer.

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