Saturday, September 27, 2008

Painted bellies of Pulikali peformers-Part 2 - Sep 2008

Larger the belly of the Pulikali performer, the tiger head painted on it gets more realistic three dimensional appearance. That's why a performer with a large belly gets a front position in the Pulikali procession.

PKY_039_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0438Stock Image No: PKY 039 PKY_040_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0447 Stock Image No: PKY 040
PKY_041_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0448 Stock Image No: PKY 041 PKY_042_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0449 Stock Image No: PKY 042
PKY_043_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0450 PKY 043 PKY_044_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0451 PKY 044 PKY_045_pulikali_onam_kerala_DSC0468PKY 045

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