Saturday, January 24, 2009

Captivating Tea Estates of Nelliyampathy, Kerala - Jan 2009

Stock photos of ravishing tea estates, Nelliyampathy in Kerala. Obviously the physical impression of these plantations is different from tea estates of Munnar. Nelliyampathy tea estates which are confined to small pockets in contrasting to the vast tea plantations of Munnar hills.
NLPY_059_www.keralapix.com_DSC0289 Photo ID: NLPY_059
NLPY_041_www.keralapix.com_DSC0106 Photo ID: NLPY_041 NLPY_042_www.keralapix.com_DSC0107 Photo ID: NLPY_042 NLPY_043_www.keralapix.com_DSC0108 Photo ID: NLPY_043
NLPY_044_www.keralapix.com_DSC0109 Photo ID: NLPY_044 NLPY_045_www.keralapix.com_DSC0111 Photo ID: NLPY_045 NLPY_046_www.keralapix.com_DSC0114 Photo ID: NLPY_046
NLPY_047_www.keralapix.com_DSC0118 Photo ID: NLPY_047 NLPY_048_www.keralapix.com_DSC0120 Photo ID: NLPY_048 NLPY_049_www.keralapix.com_DSC0121 Photo ID: NLPY_049
NLPY_050_www.keralapix.com_DSC0232 Photo ID: NLPY_050 NLPY_051_www.keralapix.com_DSC0240 Photo ID: NLPY_051 NLPY_052_www.keralapix.com_DSC0249 Photo ID: NLPY_052
NLPY_053_www.keralapix.com_DSC0251 Photo ID: NLPY_053 NLPY_054_www.keralapix.com_DSC0259 Photo ID: NLPY_054 NLPY_055_www.keralapix.com_DSC0263 Photo ID: NLPY_055
NLPY_056_www.keralapix.com_DSC0275 Photo ID: NLPY_056 NLPY_057_www.keralapix.com_DSC0278 Photo ID: NLPY_057 NLPY_058_www.keralapix.com_DSC0286 Photo ID: NLPY_058