Saturday, April 12, 2008

Church of Our Lady, Vallarpadam, Kochi

The Shrine of Our Lady of Vallarpadam, Kochi which belongs to the Archdiocese of Verapoly is a famous Pilgrim Center. The Vallarpadam church has now been raised to the status of a basilica. In 1524, Portuguese merchants headed by Vasco da Gama place upon a throne this miraculous picture of Our lady of Ransom at the shrine. The Vallarpadam church was bestowed a special status by Pope Leo XIII in 1888. In 1951 The Govt. of India declared the Church as a major pilgrim center of country. In the Year 2002 The Government of Kerala declared the church as important tourist center in Kerala. This holy shrine is situated in the Vallarpadam island near Ernakulum, Kerala. With the opening of the Goshree Bridge, the church is now accessible by road from Cochin city.

VLPM_001_Vallarpadom_church_DSC0174 VLPM 001

VLPM_002_Vallarpadom_church_DSC0177 VLPM 002
VLPM_003_Vallarpadom_church_DSC0180 VLPM 003 VLPM_004_Vallarpadom_church_DSC0182 VLPM 004
VLPM_005_Vallarpadom_church_DSC0185 VLPM 005 VLPM_006_Vallarpadom_church_DSC0191 VLPM 006
VLPM_007_Vallarpadom_church_DSC0194VLPM 007 VLPM_008_Vallarpadom_church_DSC0198 VLPM 008
VLPM_009_Vallarpadom_church_DSC0203 VLPM 009 VLPM_010_Vallarpadom_church_DSC0206 VLPM 010

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