Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cruise ship MV Queen Victoria visits Kochi

One of the world's largest cruise vessels, Queen Victoria arrived in Kochi carrying 2000 passengers and 900 crew at 6 a.m. on 26th March 2008.It was as part of her first global voyage that the ship halted at Kochi.Commissioned in December, 2007, the vessel can carry 2,014 passengers and 900 officers and crew in its 16 decks. Queen Victoria, a 294 meter long liner, was built at Fincantieri Marghera shipyard in Italy.The tourists were given traditional welcome at the port. Officers of Cochin Port Trust greeted the Captain of the ship, Christopher Rynd and exchanged plaques to mark the maiden visit of Queen Victoria to Kochi. During the ceremony the Captain said that Kochi was the most beautiful port in this part of the world.
CSQV_001_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0069 CSQV 001 CSQV_002_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0072 CSQV 002 CSQV_003_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0078CSQV 003
CSQV_004_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0087 CSQV 004 CSQV_005_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0090CSQV 005
CSQV_006_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0093CSQV 006 CSQV_007_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0096 CSQV 007
CSQV_008_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0099 CSQV 008 CSQV_009_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0108 CSQV 009
CSQV_010_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0111 CSQV 010 CSQV_011_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0126CSQV 011
CSQV_012_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0135 CSQV 012 CSQV_013_Ship_QueenVictoria_DSC0155 CSQV 013

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