Monday, April 21, 2008

Cruise ship Europa in Kochi

Cruise ship Europa called at Kochi on Sunday morning 13th of April 2008. The tourists then took a tour of Kochi and its surroundings. Europa was built by Kvaerner Masa, Finland. She was completed for Hapag-Lloyd in 1999. It's her second visit to Kochi. She left Kochi port at dusk. I took her pictures at Fort Kochi and it was cloudy and raining. So I had to use an ISO rating of 1600. Despite the low light, I was able to capture good quality pictures of her.

CSEA_001_europa_DSC0115copy CSEA 001 CSEA_002_europa_DSC0116copyCSEA 002
CSEA_003_europa_DSC0117copy CSEA 003 CSEA_004_europa_DSC0121copy CSEA 004
CSEA_005_europa_DSC0122copy CSEA 005 CSEA_006_europa_DSC0123copy CSEA 006
CSEA_007_europa_DSC0124copy CSEA 007 CSEA_008_europa_DSC0125copyCSEA 008
CSEA_009_europa_DSC0126copyCSEA 009 CSEA_010_europa_DSC0127copyCSEA 010
CSEA_011_europa_DSC0130copy CSEA 011 CSEA_012_europa_DSC0131copyCSEA 012
CSEA_013_europa_DSC0132copy CSEA 013 CSEA_014_europa_DSC0136copy CSEA 014
CSEA_015_europa_DSC0139copyCSEA 015 CSEA_016_europa_DSC0140copyCSEA 016
CSEA_017_europa_DSC0142copy CSEA 017 CSEA_018_europa_DSC0143copyCSEA 018
CSEA_019_europa_DSC0145copy CSEA 019 CSEA_020_europa_DSC0148copy CSEA 020
CSEA_021_europa_DSC0149copy CSEA 021 CSEA_022_europa_DSC0150copy CSEA 022

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