Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady, April 2008

Picturesque Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and lake. Due to the unexpected 'Venal mazha' (Summer rain) in the months of March / April, this reservoir of Mullaperiyar dam is at it's full capacity and the forest foliage is lush green which are uncommon in this season. The clear blue sky also adds additional brilliance to the pictures.
TDY_065_thekkady_DSC0027 TDY 065 TDY_066_thekkady_DSC0011 TDY 066
TDY_067_thekkady_DSC0012 TDY 067 TDY_068_thekkady_DSC0015 TDY 068
TDY_069_thekkady_DSC0016 TDY 069 TDY_070_thekkady_DSC0017 TDY 070
TDY_071_thekkady_DSC0018 TDY 071 TDY_072_thekkady_DSC0020 TDY 072
TDY_073_thekkady_DSC0022 TDY 073 TDY_074_thekkady_DSC0057 TDY 074
TDY_075_thekkady_DSC0061 TDY 075 TDY_076_thekkady_DSC0067 TDY 076

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