Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trishanku hills, near Vagamon

Trishanku hills, which is seven kilometers away from Vagamon, on the way to Kuttikkanam and Peermade, are hills entirely covered by green grass. It is truly a spectacular sight from the top. The para gliding completion conducted by the Kerala Tourism is held here. This is an ideal point for trekking and also for playing around with four wheel drive vehicles.

VGMN_001_vagamon_DSC0070 VGMN 001
VGMN_002_vagamon_DSC0071 VGMN 002 VGMN_003_vagamon_DSC0072 VGMN 003
VGMN_004_vagamon_DSC0073 VGMN 004 VGMN_005_vagamon_DSC0083 VGMN 005
VGMN_006_vagamon_DSC0084 VGMN 006 VGMN_007_vagamon_DSC0085 VGMN 007
VGMN_008_vagamon_DSC0086 VGMN 008 VGMN_009_vagamon_DSC0087 VGMN 009

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