Thursday, May 15, 2008

Solitary Rock, Idukki Reservoir

A solitary rock that stick out into the water at the Idukki dam reservoir with Kuravan, Kurathi hills and the arch dam in the background. You can also see a boat anchored near the rock.

IDKI_1060_idukki_kerala_DSC0057IDKI 1060 IDKI_1061_idukki_kerala_DSC0058 IDKI 1061 IDKI_1062_idukki_kerala_DSC0059 IDKI 1062
IDKI_1063_idukki_kerala_DSC0060 IDKI 1063 IDKI_1064_idukki_kerala_DSC0061 IDKI 1064 IDKI_1065_idukki_kerala_DSC0062 IDKI 1065

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