Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kulamavu Damsight, Idukki

Idukki reservoir viewed from Kulamavu dam. This part of the reservoir is situated at about 22 kilometers up hill from the Arch dam and Cheruthoni dam. These three dams together obstruct the water within several mountains to form the Idukki lake. It was drizzling at the time, when these images were photographed.

IDKI_1143_idukki_kerala_DSC0171 IDKI 1143 IDKI_1144_idukki_kerala_DSC0172 IDKI 1144
IDKI_1145_idukki_kerala_DSC0173IDKI 1145 IDKI_1146_idukki_kerala_DSC0174 IDKI 1146 IDKI_1147_idukki_kerala_DSC0175IDKI 1147
IDKI_1148_idukki_kerala_DSC0176IDKI 1148 IDKI_1149_idukki_kerala_DSC0178 IDKI 1149 IDKI_1150_idukki_kerala_DSC0179 IDKI 1150
IDKI_1151_idukki_kerala_DSC0180IDKI 1151 IDKI_1152_idukki_kerala_DSC0181IDKI 1152 IDKI_1153_idukki_kerala_DSC0182 IDKI 1153
IDKI_1154_idukki_kerala_DSC0183IDKI 1154 IDKI_1155_idukki_kerala_DSC0184 IDKI 1155 IDKI_1156_idukki_kerala_DSC0185IDKI 1156
IDKI_1157_idukki_kerala_DSC0186IDKI 1157 IDKI_1158_idukki_kerala_DSC0187 IDKI 1158 IDKI_1159_idukki_kerala_DSC0188 IDKI 1159

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