Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Road inside Vazhani sanctuary, Peechi

The sanctuary is part of the Palapilli-Nelliyampathy forests. Evergreen forests are very scantily seen in this wildlife sanctuary which is blessed with various kinds of flora.

PCHI_024_peechi_kerala_DSC0002 PCHI 024 PCHI_025_peechi_kerala_DSC0005 PCHI 025
PCHI_026_peechi_kerala_DSC0006 PCHI 026 PCHI_027_peechi_kerala_DSC0008PCHI 027
PCHI_028_peechi_kerala_DSC0009 PCHI 028 PCHI_029_peechi_kerala_DSC0020 PCHI 029
PCHI_030_peechi_kerala_DSC0021 PCHI 030 PCHI_031_peechi_kerala_DSC0022PCHI 031
PCHI_032_peechi_kerala_DSC0023 PCHI 032 PCHI_033_peechi_kerala_DSC0024 PCHI 033

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