Thursday, May 22, 2008

Forest and waterfalls at Paniyeli Poru, Kerala

Jungle stream, Paniyeli Poru near Permbavoor, Ernakulam - It's like blending with nature while walking through these forests on the banks of river Periyar having small waterfalls inside them.

PPRU_1004_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00PPRU 1004 PPRU_1005_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 PPRU 1005 PPRU_1006_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 PPRU 1006
PPRU_1007_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00PPRU 1007 PPRU_1008_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 PPRU 1008 PPRU_1009_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00PPRU 1009
PPRU_1010_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 PPRU 1010
Bamboo bridge
PPRU_1011_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC00 PPRU 1011 PPRU_1012_Paniyeli_Poru_kerala_DSC01PPRU 1012
Teak forest

Stream flowing between rocks, Paniyeli Poru, Kerala.

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