Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vazhani wildlife sanctuary, Peechy

Vazhani wildlife sanctuary viewed from boat. A variety of Birds and Snakes are found here. Carnivorous animals like leopard, tiger, fox etc and herbivorous animals like Sambar deers, Barking deers etc are here. Bison and elephants are rarely seen in the interior forests. Herds of spotted deers are common here.

PCHI_036_peechi_kerala_DSC0060PCHI 036 PCHI_037_peechi_kerala_DSC0062 PCHI 037
PCHI_038_peechi_kerala_DSC0069PCHI 038 PCHI_039_peechi_kerala_DSC0081 PCHI 039
PCHI_040_peechi_kerala_DSC0090 PCHI 040 PCHI_041_peechi_kerala_DSC0113PCHI 041
PCHI_042_peechi_kerala_DSC0114PCHI 042 PCHI_043_peechi_kerala_DSC0118PCHI 043

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