Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary and lake, Kerala

An areal view of Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary and the lake formed as a result of the construction of Peechi dam. The catchment of the Peechi dam, the Vazhani sanctuary is also known for it's ecological responsiveness.

PCHI_011_peechi_kerala_DSC0031 PCHI 011 PCHI_012_peechi_kerala_DSC0033PCHI 012
PCHI_013_peechi_kerala_DSC0039PCHI 013 PCHI_014_peechi_kerala_DSC0040PCHI 014
PCHI_015_peechi_kerala_DSC0041 PCHI 015 PCHI_016_peechi_kerala_DSC0042PCHI 016
PCHI_017_peechi_kerala_DSC0144PCHI 017 PCHI_018_peechi_kerala_DSC0145PCHI 018

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