Thursday, May 15, 2008

Water body at Hill View Park, Idukki

Natural water body (a small lake) at the hill top park and the rocky hills surrounding it. From here one can see the whole of reservoir and wildlife sanctuary.

IDKI_1066_idukki_kerala_DSC0068IDKI 1066 IDKI_1067_idukki_kerala_DSC0069 IDKI 1067 IDKI_1068_idukki_kerala_DSC0070IDKI 1068
IDKI_1069_idukki_kerala_DSC0071 IDKI 1069 IDKI_1070_idukki_kerala_DSC0080IDKI 1070 IDKI_1071_idukki_kerala_DSC0081IDKI 1071
IDKI_1072_idukki_kerala_DSC0089 IDKI 1072 IDKI_1073_idukki_kerala_DSC0090IDKI 1073 IDKI_1074_idukki_kerala_DSC0101 IDKI 1074
IDKI_1075_idukki_kerala_DSC0102 IDKI 1075 IDKI_1076_idukki_kerala_DSC0115 IDKI 1076

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